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أَرْزٌ and ↓ أُرْزٌ The pine-tree; syn. شَجَرُ الصَّنَوْبَرِ: (K:) or this is called ↓ أَرْرَةٌ, and أَرْزٌ is the pl.: (A 'Obeyd, S:) [or rather أَرْزٌ is a coll. gen. n., and أَرْزَةٌ is the n. un.:] or the male of that kind of tree; (AHn, K;) as also ↓ أَرْزَةٌ; (K;) and the author of the Minháj adds, it is that which does not produce fruit; but pitch (زِفْت) is extracted from its trunks and roots, and its wood is employed as a means of light, like as candles are employed; and it grows not in the land of the Arabs: A 'Obeyd says, ↓ أَرْزَةٌ is the name of a tree well known in Syria, called with us صَنَوْبَرٌ, because of its fruit: he says also, I have seen this kind of tree, called أَرْزَةٌ, and it is called in El-'Irák صَنَوْبَرٌ, but this last is the name of the fruit of the أَرْز: (TA:) or i. q. عَرْعَرٌ [a name given to the cypress and to the juniper-tree]. (K.) It is said in a trad., المُجْذِيَةِ ↓ مَثَلُ الكَافِرِ مَثَلُ الأَرْزَةِ عَلَى الأَرْضِ حَتَّى يَكُونَ آنْجِعَافُهَا بِمَرَّةٍ وَاحِدَةٍ [The similitude of the unbeliever is the similitude of the pine-tree standing firmly upon the ground until it is pulled up at once]: respecting which AA and AO say that it is ↓ الأَرَزَة, with fet-h to the ر; meaning the tree called الأَرْزَن: but A 'Obeyd thinks this to be a mistake, and that it is ↓ الأَرْزَة, with the ر quiescent. (L.) أُرْزٌ: see أَرْزٌ: A2: and see also أَرُزٌّ.

أَرُزٌ: see أَرُزٌّ.

أُرُزٌ: see أَرُزٌّ.

أَرْزَةٌ: see أَرْزٌ, in five places.

أَرَزَةٌ The tree called أَرْزَنٌ [which is a hard kind, from which staves are made]: (AA, S, K:) some say that it is ↓ آرِزَةٌ, of the measure فَاعِلَةٌ; but A 'Obeyd disapproves of this. (TA.) See also أرْزٌ.

أَرُزٌّ and ↓ أُرُزٌّ and ↓ أُرْزٌ and ↓ أُرُزٌ (S, Msb, K) and ↓ أَرُزٌ and ↓ آرُزٌ (Kr, K) and رُزٌ (S, Msb, K) and رُنْزٌ, (S, K,) the first of which is the form commonly obtaining among persons of distinction; the last but one, that commonly obtaining among the vulgar; (TA;) and the last, of the dial. of 'AbdEl-Keys; (S, TA;) [Rice;] a certain grain, (S, K,) well known: (K:) [said in the TA to be a species of بُرّ; but this is an improper explanation:] there are several kinds; Egyptian and Persian and Indian; and the best kind is the جوهرى [perhaps a mistake for مِصْرىّ, or Egyptian]: it is cold and dry in the second degree; or, as some say, moderate; or, as some say, hot in the first degree; and its husk is poisonous. (El-Minháj, TA.) أُرُزٌّ: see أَرُزٌّ.

آرُزٌّ: see أَرُزٌّ.

آرِزَةٌ: see أَرَزَةٌ.
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