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1 أَرِقَ, aor. اَرَقَ, inf. n. أَرَقٌ, (T, S, K, &c.,) He was sleepless, or wakeful, or sleep departed from him, (JK, T,) by night; (T;) i. q. سَهِرَ (S, Mgh, Sgh, K) بِاللَّيْلِ; (Sgh, K;) or i. q. سَهِدَ: (S, and L and K in art. سهد:) or sleep departed from him by reason of a malady, or a distracting accident or event: (M:) or he was sleepless or wakeful (سَهِرَ) in a case that was disliked, or evil; سَهِرَ having a general sense: (M, F:) or he shut his eyes one while and opened them another, [being unable to continue sleeping,] whereas سَهِرَ signifies he did not sleep at all: (Deewán of the Hudhalees, cited by Freytag in his Lex.:) or أَرَقٌ signifies sleeplessness, or wakefulness, engendered by anxiety and grief: (Har p. 162:) and ↓ ائترق [with the disjunctive alif written اِيتَرَقَ] signifies the same as أَرِقَ. (S, K.) A2: أُرِقَتِ النَّخْلَةُ [and أُرِقَ الزّرْعُ] The palm-tree [and the seed-produce] was affected, or smitten, by what is termed أَرَقَان. (JK.) 2 أَرَّقَنِى كَذَا, (JK, S, K, *) inf. n. تَأْرِيقٌ. (S, Mgh,) Such a thing rendered me, or caused me to be, sleepless or wakeful; (JK, S, Mgh, * K; *) as also ↓ آرقنى, (K,) inf. n. إِيرَاقٌ. (TA.) 4 آرَقَ see 2.8 إِاْتَرَقَ see 1.

أَرْقٌ: see أَرَقَانٌ.

أَرُقٌ: see what next follows.

أَرِقٌ Sleepless or wakeful (S, K) by night (K) [by reason of a malady, or a distracting accident or event, &c. (see 1)]; as also ↓ آرِقٌ (IF, K) and ↓ أَرُقٌ and ↓ أُرُقٌ; or the last signifies habitually so. (TA.) أُرُقٌ: see what next precedes.

أَرَقَانٌ (JK, S, K) and أَرُقَانٌ and أَرْقَانٌ and إِرِقَانٌ and إِرْقَانٌ and ↓ أَرْقٌ and ↓ أُرَاقٌ (K) i. q. يَرَقَانٌ; (JK, S, K;) أرَقَانٌ being a dial. var. of this last; (S;) or the hemzeh is a substitute for the ى; (L;) and يرقان is the word most commonly known; (K;) A blight, or disease, which affects, or smites, seed-produce: (JK, S, K:) and a disease [namely jaundice] which affects, or smites, man, (S, K,) causing the person to become yellow [or blackish]; (TA;) it is a disease which changes the colour of the person excessively to yellowness or blackness, by the flowing of the yellow or black humour to the skin and the part next thereto, without putridity. (Ibn-Seenà [Avicenna], K.) أُرَاقٌ: see أَرَقَانٌ.

آرِقٌ: see أَرِقٌ.

زِرْعٌ مَأْرُوقٌ Seed-produce affected, or smitten, with a blight, or disease, (JK, S, K,) such as is termed أَرَقَان; (JK, S;) as also مَيْرُوقٌ [from يَرَقَان]: (S, K:) and نَخْلَةٌ مَأْرُوقَةٌ a palm-tree affected, or smitten, therewith. (JK, TA.)
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