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1 أَشَرَ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. اَشِرَ (ISk, MS,) or اَشَرَ (Msb,) inf. n. أَشْرٌ, (Msb,) He divided [or sawed] a piece of wood (ISk, Msb, K) with the مِئْشَار; (S, Msb, K;) as also وَشَرَ and نَشَرَ. (Msb, TA.) b2: أَشَرَتْ أَسْنَانَهَا, aor. اَشِرَ [or, accord. to the Msb, it seems to be اَشُرَ,] inf. n. أَشْرٌ; (K;) and ↓ أَشَّرَتْهَا (K,) inf. n. تَأْشِيرٌ; (S;) She (a woman, TA) made her teeth serrated, (S, K,) and sharpened their extremities, (S,) to render them like those of a young person: but a curse is denounced in a trad. against her who does this. (TA.) [See also art. وشر]

A2: , أَشِرَ aor. اَشَرَ, (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. أَشَرٌ (S, A, Msb,) He exulted, or exulted greatly, or excessively; and behaved insolently and unthankfully, or ungratefully: (S,* A,* Msb, K,* TA:) or he exulted by reason of wealth, and behaved with pride, and self-conceitedness, and boastfulness, and want of thankfulness: or he behaved with the utmost exultation, &c.: or he rejoiced, and rested his mind upon things agreeable with natural desire. (TA.) [See بَطِرَ]2 اَشَّرَ see 1.8 ائْتَشَرَتْ, written with the disjunctive alif ايتَشَرَتْ She invited another to make her teeth serrated and to sharpen their extremities; as also ↓ استأشرت See the act. part. ns. below: and see also استوشرت]10 إِسْتَاْشَرَ see 8.

أَشْرٌ see أَشِرٌ

أَشَرٌ see أَشِرٌ

أَشُرٌ see أَشِرٌ

أَشِرٌ (S, A, Msb, K) and ↓ أَشُرٌ and ↓ أَشْرٌ and ↓ أَشَرٌ (K) and ↓ أَشْرَانُ (S, K) Exulting, or exulting greatly, or excessively; and behaving insolently and unthankfully, or ungratefully: (S,* A, * Msb, K,* TA:) or exulting by reason of wealth, and behaving with pride, and self-conceitedness, and boastfulness, and want of thankfulness: or behaving with the utmost exultation, &c.: or rejoicing, and resting the mind upon things agreeable with natural desire: (TA:) pl. [of the first]

أَشِرُونَ and [of the second] أَشُرُونَ (L, K) and [of the first four] أُشُرٌ (K [accord. to the TA, but not in the copies of the K in my hands,]) and (of أَشْرَانُ TA) أَشْرَى (K) and أُشَارَى (S, K) and أَشَارَى (K.) One says, أَشِرٌ أَفِرٌ and ↓ أَشْرَانُ

أَفْرَانُ, using the latter word in each instance as an imitative sequent. (TA.) b2: بَرْقٌ أَشِرٌ (tropical:) Lightning flashing repeatedly to and fro. (A.) b3: نَبْتٌ أَشِرٌ (tropical:) A plant, or herbage, extending beyond its proper bounds. (A.) أُشَرٌ: see what next follows.

بِأَسْنَانِهِ أُشُرٌ and ↓ أُشَرٌ and ↓ أُشُورٌ (S, K,) which last is a pl., (K,) In his teeth is a serration, (S, K,) and a sharpness of the extremities [such as is seen in the teeth of young persons]; (S;) which is sometimes natural and sometimes artificial; (K;) and [naturally] only in the teeth of young persons. (TA.) Hence the prov., أَعْيَيْتَنِى

بِأُشُرِ فَكَيْفَ بِدُرْدُرٍ. (S.) [See art. در] b2: أُشُرُ المِنْجَلِ (tropical:) The teeth of the reaping-hook, or sickle. (K.) أُشْرَةٌ and its dual: see آشِرٌ

أُمْنِيَّةٌ أَشْرَآءُ A very exulting wish: occurring in the Mo'allakah of El-Hárith Ibn-Hillizeh. (EM p. 272.) أَشْرَانُ: see أَشِرٌ, in two places.

أُشُورٌ see أُشُرٌ

آشِرٌ Dividing [or sawing], or one who divides [or saws], wood, with the مِئْشَار (Msb.) b2: [Hence,] The prickles [or serrated parts] of the shanks of the locust; (K;) as also ↓ تَآشِيرُ (TA.) b3: Also, and ↓ أُشْرَةٌ and ↓ عُقْدَةٌ) at the extremity of the tail of the locust, like two claws; (K;) which two things are also called ↓ أُشْرَتَانِ and ↓ مِئْشَارَانِ (TA.) b4: آشِرَةٌ A woman who sharpens the extremities of her teeth [and makes them serrated: see 1]. (Msb.) A2: يَدٌ آشِرَةٌ An arm, or a hand, sawn off; i. q. ↓ مَأْشُورَةٌ: (ISk, S, Msb, K:*) like عِيشَةٌ رَاضِيَةٌ in the sense of مَرْضِيَةٌ. (S.) تَأْشِيرٌ or تَأْشِيرَةٌ, as in different Lexicons, (TA,) [the former in the K,] The thing with which the locust bites: pl. تَآشِيرُ (K.) b2: See also the pl. voce آشِرٌ.

مُؤَشَّرٌ Anything (TA) made thin [and serrated]. (K.) [Hence,] ثَغْرٌ مُؤَشَّرٌ A front tooth serrated and sharpened at the extremity. (TA.) and hence, (TA,) مُؤَشَّرُ العَضُدَيْنِ is applied to the beetle [as meaning Having the fore shanks formed thin, and serrated]. (S, TA.) مِئْشَارٌ (S, Msb, K, &c.) [A saw;] an instrument with which wood is divided; (Msb, K) as also مِيشَارٌ, from وَشَرَ; (Msb, TA;) and مِنْشَارٌ: (TA:) pl. مَآشِيرُ. (ISk, Msb, TA.) b2: See also this word and its dual voce آشِرٌ.

مَأْشُورٌ Wood divided [or sawn] with the مِئْشَار (Msb.) See also آشِرٌ b2: مَأْشُورَةٌ A woman who has the extremities of her teeth sharpened [and serrated artificially: see 1]. (Msb.) مِئْشِيرٌ, applied alike to the male and the female, (S,) to a she-camel and a courser, (S, K,) and a man and a woman, (TA,) Brisk; lively; sprightly. (S,* K.) مُؤْتَشِرَةٌ and ↓ مُسْتَأْشِرَةٌ A woman who invites [another] to make her teeth serrated [and to sharpen their extremities: see 1]. (K.) مُسْتَأْشِرَةٌ: see what next precedes.
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