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2 أصّدهُ, inf. n. تَأْصِيدٌ, is from أُصْدَةٌ: (S, K:) [app. meaning He made it an أُصْدَة: or he wore it as an أُصْدَة: and hence مُؤَصَّدٌ or مُؤَصَّدَةٌ as explained below: or] he clad him with an أُصْدَة. (TK.) 4 آصد [in some copies of the K أَصَدَ, which is a mistake, (see the pass. part. n. مُؤْصَدٌ, below,)] He closed (أَغْلَقَ, S, A, K, and so in the M in art. وصد, or أَطْبَقَ, as in the M in the present art.) a door, or an entrance; as also اوصد; (S, M, A, K;) of which it is a dial. var. (S.) And He covered, or covered over, a cooking-pot. (M.) أُصْدَةٌ (S, M, K, and Ham p. 223) and ↓ أَصِيدَةٌ (M, K) and ↓ مُؤَصَّدٌ (S* M,) or ↓ مُؤَصَّدَةٌ, (K,) A garment of the kind called صِدَار worn by a young girl: when a girl attains to the age of puberty, she is clad with a دِرْع: (M:) or a small shirt for a little girl: or worn beneath the ثَوْب; (K:) or the أُصْدَة is a garment without sleeves, worn by a bride and by a little girl: (M:) or a small shirt or shift, worn beneath the ثوب; and also worn by little girls: (S:) or a garment of which the sewing is not complete: or i. q. بَقِيرَةٌ: or i. q. صُدْرَةٌ. (Ham ubi suprà.) Kutheiyir says, ↓ وَقَدْ دَرَّعُوهَا وَهْىَ ذَاتُ مُؤَصَّدٍ
مَجُوبٍ وَ لَمَّا يَلْبَسِ الدِّرْعَ رِيدُهَا [They clad her with a دِرْع when she wore a مُؤَصَّد with an opening cut out at the neck and bosom, when her equal in age had not yet worn the درع]. (S, M.) أًصِيدٌ A court; or an open or a wide space in front of a house, or extending from its sides; (S, M, K;) a dial. var. of وَصِيدٌ, (S,) which is the more common form: (M:) or the extreme and exterior part of a house: (Mirkát el-Loghah, and Meyd, as rendered by Golius:) or an intermediate place between the threshold or door and the house; a place which looks neither upon the public nor upon the interior parts, whether it be an area or a vestibule. (Ibn-Maaroof, as rendered by Golius.) أَصِيدَةٌ: see أُصْدَةُ

A2: A [hind of enclosure for the protection of camels, sheep, or goats, such as is called] حَظِيرَةٌ: (M, K:) or like a حظيرة, (S, and Ham p.223,) [but made] of rocks, or great masses of stone: (Ham:) a dial. var. of وَصِيدَةٌ [q. v.]: (S:) pl. إِصَادٌ (Ham.) مُؤْصَدٌ Closed; closed over, or covered: occurring in the Kur [xc. 20 and] civ. 8; (L;) in which AA reads مُؤْصَدَةٌ [with hemz; others reading this word without hemz]. (S, L.) Yousay بَابٌ مُؤْصَدٌ [A closed door]. (A.) and قِدْرٌ مُؤْصَدَةٌ A covered cooking-pot. (A.) and بَابُ العَفْوِ عَنْهُ مُؤْصَدٌ (assumed tropical:) [The door of forgiveness is closed from him; i. e., against him]. (A.) مُؤَصَّدٌ, or مُؤَصَّدَةٌ: see أُصْدَةٌ, in three places.
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