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1 أَلَتَ,aor.

اَلِتَ, inf. n.أَلْتٌ, It (a thing) decreased; diminished; lessened; became defective, deficient, incomplete, or imperfect. (Msb.) A2: أَلَتَهُ حَقَّهُ, (S, M, A, K,) aor. اَلِتَ, (S, M, K,) inf. n. أَلْتٌ (S, M) and إِلَاتَهُ; (M;) and أَلِتَهُ, aor. اَلَتَ; (Fr;) and ↓ آلتهُ (M, K,) inf. n. إِيلَاتٌ; (K;) as also أَلَاتَهُ, inf. n. إِلَاتٌ, (so in a MS. copy of the K,) or إِلَاتَةٌ; (so in the L: [agreeably with analogy, and therefore probably the correct reading: see art. ليت, to which it belongs: in SM's copy of the K, and in the CK, the verb is written أَلْأَتَهُ, and the inf. n. إِلْآتٌ: by MF, the verb is written ↓ آلَتَهُ, of the measure فَاعَلَ and the inf. n. إِلَاتٌ like قِتَالٌ:]) [and لَاتَهُ, aor. يَلِيتٌ; and وَلَتَهُ; and أَوْلَتَهُ;] He diminished to him his right, or due; abridged him, or defrauded him, of a portion of it: (Fr, S, M, A, K:) and in like manner, أَلَتَهُ مَالَهُ and ↓ آلتهُ, &c., he diminished to him his property; or abridged him, or defrauded him, of a portion of it: (M, TA:) and أَلَتَ الشَّىْءَ he diminished the thing. (Msb.) [Hence,] مَا أَلْتَنَاهُمْ مِنْ عَمَلِهِمْ مِنْ شَىْءٍ [in the Kur lii. 21, We will not diminish to them aught of the reward of their work]: (T, A:) or, accord. to one reading, (that of Ibn-Ketheer, TA,) ما أَلِتْنَاهُمْ. (T, TA.) [See also art. ليت.]

A3: أَلَتَهُ, (T, S, K,) or أَلَتَهُ عَنْ وَجْهِهِ, (TA,) aor. اَلِتَ (T;) as also لَاتَهُ; these being two dial. vars. one of the other, mentioned by Yz, on the authority of AA; (S;) [and أَلَاتَهُ; (see art. ليت;)] He withheld him, or restrained him, (S, K,) and turned him, or averted him, (T, S, K,) from his course, purpose, or object. (S, TA.) A4: أَلَتَهُ, (M, K,) or أَلَتَهُ يَمِينًا, (As, T, S,) aor. اَلِتَ inf. n. أَلْتٌ, He made him to swear, or take an oath: (As, T, S, K:) or he desired of him that he should swear, or give his testimony, for him. (M, K.) And أَلَتَهُ بِيَمِينٍ, inf. n. as above, He pressed him, or pressed hard upon him, with an oath. (M.) It is related that a man said to 'Omar, "Fear God, O prince of the faithful:" and another, hearing him, said, أَتَأْلِتُ عَلَى أَمِيرِ المُؤْمِنِينَ, meaning Dost thou lower the dignity of the prince of the faithful? or dost thou diminish to him [the respect that is due to him]? accord. to IAar.: or rather, dost thou conjure the prince of the faithful? his saying "Fear God" being as though he conjured him by God: for the Arabs say, أَلَتُّكَ بِاللّٰهِ لَمَّا فَعَلْتَ كَذَا, meaning I conjure thee by God but that thou do thus, or such a thing. (T.) 3 اَاْلَتَ see 1.4 آلَتَ see 1, in two places.

أَلْتٌ Deficiency: as in the saying, مَا فِى مَزَاوِدِهِمْ

أَلْتٌ [There is not, in their provision-bags, any deficiency]. (A.) A2: A swearing; syn. حَلِفٌ (M, TA.) [Perhaps an inf. n. in this sense.] b2: An oath: as in the saying, when one has not given thee thy right, or due, قَيِّدْهُ بِالْأَلْتِ [Bind thou him by oath]. (T.) A3: Calumny, slander, or false accusation. (Kr, M, K.) [Perhaps an inf. n. in this sense also.]

أُلْتَةٌ A small gift. (AA, T, K.) A2: An oath such as is termed غَمُوس, q. v. (AA, T, K.)
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