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1 أَلَقَ, (JK, K, TA,) aor. اَلِقَ; (K, TA;) or أَلِقَ, aor. اَلَقَ; (CK; [in which it would seem, from what follows in this paragraph and the next, that the pret. is wrong, but that the aor. is right;]) inf. n. أَلْقٌ and إِلَاقٌ; (JK, K;) It (lightning) lied; (AHeyth, K;) [i. e.] it was without rain. (JK.) b2: See also 5. b3: Also, أَلَقَ, aor. اَلَقَ, inf. n. أَلْقٌ, He lied; spoke falsely: whence the reading of Aboo-Jaafar and Zeyd Ibn-Aslam, [in the Kur xxiv. 14,] إِذْ تَأْلَقُونَهُ تألّق [When ye spoke it falsely with your tongues]. (TA.) 5 تألّق It (lightning) shone, gleamed, or glistened; as also ↓ ائتلق [written with the disjunctive alif اِيتَلَقَ]; (JK, S, IJ, K;) and so ↓ أَلَقَ, aor. اَلَقَ. (TA.) Ibn-Ahmar has made the second trans., using the phrase العُيُونَ ↓ تَأْتَلِقُ, either by suppressing a prep., [meaning She shines to the eyes,] or meaning thereby she ravishes the eyes. (TA.) b2: And تَأَلَّقَتٌ, said of a woman, She adorned herself: (Sgh, K:) or she became active and quick to engage in contention or altercation, and prepared herself for evil or mischief, and raised her head: (IF, K:) or she became like the إِلْقَة [fem. of إِلْقٌ, q. v.]. (IAar.) 8 إِاْتَلَقَ see 5, in two places.

إِلْقٌ A he-wolf: fem. with ة: (IAar, S, K:) and the fem. is also applied to a she-ape or monkey; the male of which is not called إِلْقٌ, but قِرْدٌ, (S, K,) and رُبَّاحٌ. (S.) b2: (assumed tropical:) Evil in disposition, applied to a man; and so with ة applied to a woman: and the latter, a [demon of the kind called] سِعْلَاة; because of its evil, or malignant, nature: (TA:) and a bold woman; (Lth, K;) for the same reason. (TA.) إِلَاقٌ [an inf. n. (see 1) used as an epithet;] Lying, or fallacious, lightning; (K;) that has no rain; (JK, K;) as also ↓ أَلَّاقٌ: (K, * TA:) ↓ آلِقٌ, likewise, is an epithet applied to lightning [in the same sense; or as signifying shining, gleaming, or glistening: see 1 and 5]: and so is ↓ أُلَّقٌ, as syn. with خُلَّبٌ [that excites hope of rain, but deceives the expectation]. (TA.) b2: Also, applied to a man, Lying: (JK:) or lying much, or often, or habitually: (TA:) and very deceitful, and variable in disposition. (TA.) أَلِيقٌ [app. an inf. n. of أَلَقَ; (see 5;)] The shining, gleaming, or glistening, of lightning. (TA.) أُلَّقٌ: see إِلَاقٌ.

إِلَّقٌ, like إِمَّعٌ, [in a copy of the JK incorrectly written أَلِقٌ,] i. q. مُتَأَلِّقٌ [Shining, gleaming, or glistening]; (S, K;) applied to lightning. (JK.) b2: Also (assumed tropical:) An inconstant man; from التَّأَلُّقُ as relating to lightning. (JK: there, in this instance, written إِلَّقٌ.) أَلَّاقٌ: see إِلَاقٌ.

آلِقٌ: see إِلَقٌ.
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