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121. التُّرْكُمَانُ1 122. الد1 123. الف2 124. الق2 125. الك2 126. الم1127. المس2 128. اله4 129. الو1 130. الى2 131. ام2 132. اما1 133. امت2 134. امد2 135. امر2 136. امس2 137. امل2 138. امن2 139. امه3 140. ان2 141. انا1 142. انب2 143. انت1 144. انث2 145. انح2 146. انس2 147. انف2 148. انق2 149. انك3 150. انم1 151. انما1 152. انو1 153. انى2 154. انيه1 155. اه2 156. اهب2 157. اهل2 158. او2 159. اوب3 160. اود4 161. اوز1 162. اوس2 163. اوف2 164. اوق2 165. اول1 166. اولو1 167. اوم1 168. اون4 169. اوه2 170. اوى2 171. اى1 172. ايا1 173. ايب2 174. ايد3 175. اير4 176. ايس3 177. ايش1 178. ايض3 179. ايك2 180. ايل2 181. ايم2 182. اين2 183. ايه3 184. ب11 185. بأب3 186. بأر12 187. بأز4 188. بأس12 189. بأه5 190. با5 191. بابل3 192. بابونج3 193. باج5 194. باذنجان5 195. ببر8 196. ببغ3 197. بت5 198. بتر18 199. بتع11 200. بتك12 201. بتل17 202. بث4 203. بَثِرَ1 204. بثق14 205. بجح13 206. بجد9 207. بجر12 208. بجس16 209. بجل16 210. بح3 211. بحت14 212. بحث14 213. بحثر7 214. بحر15 215. بخ7 216. بخت12 217. بختر11 218. بخر14 219. بخس16 220. بخص9 Prev. 100




1 أَلِمَ, aor. اَلَمَ, inf. n. أَلَمٌ, It, (as, for instance, the belly, T, S, or the head, Msb,) or he, (a man, T, S, Msb,) was in pain; had, or suffered, pain; ached. (T, S, M, Msb, K.) أَلِمَ بَطْنَهُ [He was in pain, or had pain, in his belly] (M) and أَلِمْتَ بَطْنَكَ [thou wast in pain, or hadst pain, in thy belly] (T, S) or رَأْسَكَ [in thy head] (Msb) are like سَفِهَ رَأْيَهُ (M) and رَشِدْتَ أَمْرَكَ (S, T) and وَجِعْتَ رَأْسَكَ; (Msb;) the noun being in the accus. case accord. to Ks as an explicative, though explicatives are [by rule] indeterminate, as in قَرِرْتُ بِهِ عَيْنًا and ضَقْتُ بِهِ ذَرْعًا; (T;) the regular form being [أَلِمَ بَطْنُهُ and] أَلِمَ بَطْنُكَ, (T, S,) as the verb is intrans. (T.) 4 آلَمْتُهُ, (S, M, Msb, K,) inf. n. إِيلَامٌ, (S, Msb,) I caused him pain or aching. (S, * M, Msb, K.) 5 تألّم He was, or became, pained: (M, * Msb, K: *) or he expressed pain, grief, or sorrow; lamented; complained; made lamentation or complaint; moaned; syn. تَوَجَّعَ, (T, S,) and شَكَى. (T.) You say, تَأَلَّمَ فُلَانٌ مِنْ فُلَانٍ [Such a one expressed pain, &c., on account of the conduct or the like of such a one; complained of such a one]: (T:) and لِأَزْمَةِ الزَّمَانِ [on account of the hardness of the time]. (TA in art. ازم.) أَلَمٌ: see لَمْ.

أَلَمٌ Pain; ache; (T, S, M, K;) as also ↓ أَيْلَمَةٌ: (T, M, K:) pl. (of the former, T, M) آلَامٌ. (T, M, K.) You say, وَلَا أَلَمًا ↓ مَا أَجِدُ أَيْلَمَةً I do not find pain nor ache; i. e. وَجَعًا: so says AZ: and IAar says, ↓ أَيْلَمَةً وَلَا أَلَمَةً as meaning the same. (T.) And the Arabs say, لَأُبِيتَنَّكَ عَلَى

↓ أَيْلَمَةٍ, meaning I will assuredly bring upon thee [lit. make thee to pass the night in] distress, or difficulty. (Sh.) أَلِمٌ Being in pain; having, or suffering, pain; aching. (M, K.) أَلَمَةٌ: see أَلَمٌ.

إِلَامَ a contraction of إلَى مَا: see إِلَى, last sentence.

أَلِيمٌ Causing pain or aching; painful; (S, K;) i. q. ↓ مُؤْلِمٌ; (T, M, Msb;) like سَمِيعٌ as syn. with مُسْمِعٌ: (S:) so when applied to punishment [or torment or torture]: (T, Msb:) or, thus applied, painful, or causing pain or aching, in the utmost degree. (M, K.) أَلُومَةٌ Lowness, ignobleness, baseness, vileness, or meanness. (O, K.) أَيْلَمَةٌ: see أَلَمٌ, in three places. b2: Accord. to IAar, (T,) A sound, or voice. (T, K.) You say, مَا سَمِعْتُ لَهُ أَيْلَمَةٌ I heard not any sound, or voice, of, or belonging to, him, or it. (IAar, T.) b3: Accord. to AA, (T,) Motion. (T, K.) مُؤْلِمٌ: see أَلِيمٌ.
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