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1 أَمَتَهُ, (T, S, M, K,) aor. اَمِتَ, (T, M, K,) inf. N.

أَمْتٌ, (T, S, M,) He measured it; determined its measure, quantity, or the like; computed, or conjectured, its measure, quantity, &c.; (T, S, * M, K;) as also ↓ امّتهُ, (M, K,) inf. n. تَأْمِيتٌ. (TA.) You say, اِيمِتْ يَا فُلَانُ هٰذَا لِى كَمْ هُوَ Compute thou, O such a one, this, for me, how many it is. (T.) And أَمَتَ القَوْمَ He computer, or conjectured, the number of the people, or company of men. (T.) And أَمَتَ المَآءَ He measured, or computed, the distance between him and the water. (T.) b2: Also, (S, K,) aor. as above, (K,) and so the inf. n., (S,) i. q. قَصَدَهُ [He tended, repaired, betook himself, or directed his course, to it, or towards it; aimed at it; sought after it; or intended, or purposed, it]; (S, K;) namely, a thing. (S.) 2 أمّتهُ: see 1. b2: أُمِّتَ بِلشَّرِّ He was suspected of evil. (M, TA.) أَمْتٌA measure of distance [&c.]; as in the saying, كَمْ أَمْتُ بَيْنَكَ مَا بَيْنَ الكُوفَةِ What is the measure of the distance between thee and El-Koofeh? (T, TA.) A2: Doubt: (Th, T, M:) said to be so termed because this word signifies the “ computing, or conjecturing, measure, quantity, and the like,” in which there is doubt. (T, TA.) [See 1.] So in the following ex.: الخَمْرُ حَرُمَتْ لَا أَمْتَ فِيهَا Wine is unlawful: there is no doubt respecting the unlawfulness of it: (Sh, Th, T, K:) or the meaning is, there is no indulgence, or lenity, with respect to it; from أَمْتٌ as signifying “feebleness, or weakness,” in a journey, or pace. (T, TA.) And in the saying, لَيْسَ فى الخَمْرِ أَمْتٌ There is no doubt respecting wine, that it is unlawful. (Th, M.) [Or in the like of these two instances it signifies] Disagreement, or diversity of opinion, (اِخْتِلَافٌ,) respecting a thing (فِى شَىْءٍ). (M, K.) A3: Curvity, crookedness, distortion, or unevenness: (M, K:) ruggedness in one place and smoothness in another; (K;) [inequality of surface;] one part being higher, or more prominent, than another: (TA:) an elevated place: (T, S, K:) small mounds: (Fr, Th, T, S, M, K:) or what is elevated, of ground: or, as some say, water-courses of valleys, such as are low, or depressed: (Fr, T, TA:) small hills; hillocks: (M, TA:) a hollow, or depressed place, between any two elevated portions of ground &c.: (IAar, T, M:) depression and elevation, or lowness and highness, (S, M, A, K,) in the ground; (A;) used in this sense in the Kur xx. 106; (S;) and the same in a water-skin not completely filled: (S, A: *) or laxity in a water-skin when it is not well filled so as to overflow: (T, * TA:) or a [consequence of] pouring [water] into a skin until it doubles, or creases, and not filling it; so that one part of it is higher, or more prominent, than another: (M, TA:) pl. إِمَاتٌ (M, K, TA, but in some copies of the K آمَاتٌ, and in the CK اَماتٌ,) and أُمُوتٌ. (M, K.) You say, اسْتَوَتِ الأَرْضُ فَمَا بَهَا أَمْتٌ The earth, or ground, was even, so that there was not in it any depression and elevation. (A, TA.) and اِمْتَلَأَ السِّقَآءُ فَمَا بِهِ أَمْتٌ The skin became full, so that there was not in it any depression [ of one part of its surface] and elevation [ of another part]. (S, A. *) Az says, (TA,) I have heard the Arabs say, قَدْ مَلَأَ القِرْبَةَ مَلْأً لَا أَمْتَ فِيهِ He had filled the water-skin so full that there was no laxity in it. (T, TA.) b2: A fault, a defect, an imperfection, a blemish, or the like, (T, M, K,) in the mouth, and in a garment, or piece of cloth, and in a stone. (M, K.) [Hence the saying,] أَمْتٌ فِى الحَجَرِ لَا فِيكَ i. e. [May there be a defect, or the like,] in stones; not in thee: meaning, may God preserve thee when the stones shall have perished: (Sb, M:) امت is here put in the nom. case, though the phrase is significant of a prayer, because it is not a verbal word: the phrase is like التُّرابُ لَهْ: and the commencing the sentence with an indeterminate noun is approvable because it is virtually a prayer. (M.) This prov. is mentioned by the expositors of the Tes-heel: not by Meyd. (TA.) b3: Weakness; feebleness; (T, K;) langour; remissness. (TA.) You say, سِرْنَا سَيْرًا لَا أَمْتَ فِيهِ We performed a journey, or went a pace, in which was no weakness, or feebleness [&c.]. (T, TA.) A4: A good way, course, mode, or manner, of acting, or conduct, or the like. (T, K.) مُؤَمَّتٌ Suspected of evil and the like. (K.) [See 2.]

A2: [A water-skin] filled [so as to be equally distended: see أَمْتٌ]. (K.) مَآْءٌ مَأْمُوتٌ A water of which the distance is computed, or conjectured. (TA.) b2: هُوَ إِلَى أَجَلٍ

مَاْمُوتٍ It is until a determined, defined, or definite, period. (S, K. *) b3: شَىْءٌ مَأْمُوتٌ A thing that is known. (M, TA.) [And so مَوْمُوتٌ.]
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