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1 أَمَلَهُ, (T, S, M, &c.,) aor. اَمُلَ, (T, S, M, Msb,) and اَمِلَ, (so in the M accord. to the TT,) inf. n. أَمَلٌ, (T, S, M, &c.,) this being the inf. n. accord. to IJ, [as distinguished from أَمْلٌ and إِمْلٌ,] (M,) He hoped it; or hoped for it; syn. رَجَاهُ; (S, * M, * [see أَمَلٌ below,] K;) meaning, what was good for him; (S;) as also ↓ أمَلهُ, (T, * M, K,) inf. n. تَأميلٌ: (S, T:) or he expected it; [or had a distant, or remote, expectation of it; for] it is mostly used in relation to that of which the occurrence, or coming to pass, is deemed remote; as in the saying of Zuheyr, أَرْجُو وَآمُلُ أَنْ تَدْنُو مَوَدَّتُهَا [I hope, and have a distant expectation, that her love may approach]: he who has determined upon a journey to a distant town or country says, أَمَلْتُ الوُصُولَ [I have formed an expectation, or a distant expectation, of arriving]; but he does not say, طَمِعْتُ until he has become near thereto; for طَمَعٌ relates only to that of which the occurrence, or coming to pass, is [deemed] near: and الرَّجَآءُ is between الأَمَلُ and الطَّمَعُ; for it is sometimes attended with fear that the thing expected may not come to pass, wherefore it is used in the sense of fear; and when the fear is strong, [lest the thing expected should not come to pass, it denotes distant expectation, and thus] it is used in the sense of الأَمَلُ; whence the usage in the verse of Zuheyr; but otherwise it is used in the sense of الطَّمَعُ: (Msb:) or الرجاء signifies the expectation of benefit, or advantage, from some preceding cause or means: so says El-Harállee: or it is properly syn. with الأَمَلُ; and in common conventional language, means the clinging of the heart to the coming to pass of a future desired event: so says Ibn-El-Kemál: or, accord. to Er-Rághib, an opinion requiring the coming to pass of an event in which will be a cause of happiness: (TA:) and ↓ أمّلهُ, inf. n. تَأْمِيلٌ, signifies he expected it much; and is more commonly used than the form without teshdeed. (Msb.) 2 اَمَّلَ see 1, in two places.

A2: تَأْمِيلٌ also signifies The inducing [one] to hope or expect. (KL.) 5 تأملالشَّىءِ [He considered the thing, or studied it, or contemplated it, carefully, or attentively, with investigation;] he looked at the thing endeavouring to obtain a clear knowledge of it: (S:) or i. q. تَدَبَّرَهُ; (Msb, TA;) i. e., (Msb,) he looked into the thing, considered it, examined it, or studied it, repeatedly, (Msb, TA,) in order to know it, or until he knew it, (Msb,) or in order to ascertain its real case: (TA:) or he looked intently, or hardly, at, or towards, the thing: (TA:) or تأمّل signifies he acted, or proceeded, deliberately, not hastily, syn. تَثَبَّتَ, (T, M,) or he paused, or waited, syn. تَلَبِّثَ, (K,) in an affair, and in consideration; (M, K, TA;) he paused, and acted with deliberation. (TA.) فِيهِ تَأَمُّلٌ [meaning It requires careful, or attentive, consideration, or simply it requires consideration,] is a phrase [of frequent occurrence in the larger lexicons &c., used to imply doubt, and also to insinuate politely that the words to which it relates are false, or wrong,] like فِيهِ نَظَرٌ [q. v.]. (MF in art. صفح.) أَمْلٌ: see أَمَلٌ.

إِمْلٌ: see أَمَلٌ.

أَمَلٌ (T, S, M, Msb, K) and ↓ إٍِمْلٌ (IJ, M, K) and ↓ أَمْلٌ, (K,) the first of which is an inf. n., accord. to IJ, (M,) and is the form commonly known, (TA,) Hope; syn. رَجَآءٌ: (S, M, K:) or expectation; [or distant, or remote, expectation; being] mostly used in relation to that of which the occurrence, or coming to pass, is deemed remote: applied also to an affection of the heart from some good to be attained: (Msb, TA: [in both of which are further explanations, for which see 1:]) ↓ إِمْلَةٌ, also, signifies the same as أَمَلٌ, (S, M, K,) or تَإْمِيلٌ; (Lh, M, K;) [or a manner of hoping or expecting; for J adds,] and it is like جِلْسَةٌ and رِكْبَةٌ: (S:) and ↓ مُؤَمَّلٌ, likewise, signifies the same as إَمَلٌ: (TA:) the pl. of أمَلٌ and إَمْلٌ and أَمْلٌ is آمَلٌ. (M, * K, TA.) You say, خَابَ سَعْيُهُ وَأَمَلُهُ [His labour, and his hope, or expectation, were disappointed, frustrated, or balked]. (A and TA in art. خيب.) and ↓ مَا أَطْوَلَ إَمْلَتَهُ How far-reaching is his hope, or expectation! (T, * S, M, K:) [or his manner of hoping or expecting!] from الأَمَلُ. (T.) b2: Also, the first, An object of hope. (Jel in xviii. 44.) إِمْلَةٌ: see أَمَلٌ, in two places.

آمِلٌ act. part. n. of 1; [Hoping: or] expecting. (Msb.) [See 1.]

مُؤَمَّلٌ One whose beneficence may be hoped for. (Har p. 183.) b2: المُؤَمَّلُ The eighth of the horses that are started together in a race; (K;) these being ten: (TA:) or the ninth thereof: (TA in explanation of السُّكَيْتُ:) or the seventh thereof. (Ham p. 46.) A2: See also أَمَلٌ.

مَأْمُولٌ pass. part. n. of 1; [Hoped: or] expected. (Msb.)
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