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1 أَوِدَ, aor. يَأْوَدُ, inf. n. أَوَدٌ, It (a thing, T, S, M, or an arrow, AHn, M) was, or became, of itself, crooked, curved, or bent. (T, S, M, A, * K.) [See also 5.]

A2: آدَ, aor. يَؤُودُ, inf. n. أَوْدٌ, It (the day) receded, in the evening. (T, L.) b2: It (the evening, T, S) declined. (T, S, K.) b3: It (a thing, L) returned. (M, L, K.) b4: آدَتِ الظِّلَالِ The shadows returned, and inclined towards the east. (L.) b5: آدَ عَلَيْهِ He inclined towards him; or pitied him. (M.) A3: آدَهُ, (T, S, Msb,) first pers. أُدْتُهُ, (M,) or أُدتُّهُ, (K, TA, [in the CK, erroneously, اِدتُّهُ,]) aor. يَؤُودُ, inf. n. أَوْدٌ, (As, T, M, Msb,) He crooked, curved, or bent, it; (As, T, S, L, Msb, K;) i. e., a stick, (As, T, L,) or other thing; (L;) as also ↓ أوّدهُ. (L, K.) b2: آدَهُ, aor. يَؤُودُ, (T, S, M, &c.,) inf. n. أَوْدٌ (S, M, K) and أُوُودٌ, (M, K,) It (a load) oppressed him by its weight; pressed heavily upon him; burdened him. (AZ, T, S, A, Msb.) And It (a thing, or an affair,) oppressed, distressed, or afflicted, him: (M, L, K:) and [in like manner] ↓ تأوّدهُ, (L, K,) or ↓ تآودهُ, (T,) as also تآداهُ, (L, K,) the last formed by transposition (T, L) from the second, (T,) or first, (L,) said of an affair, it pressed heavily upon him; oppressed him. (T, L, K.) You say, ↓ مَا آدَكَ فَهْوَ لِى آئِدٌ What hath burdened [or distressed] thee, it (that thing) is burdening [or distressing] to me. (S.) 2 اَوَّدَ see 1.5 تأوّد It (a stick, T, L, or some other thing, L) became, by an extraneous operation, crooked, curved, or bent; (T, S, M, A, L, K;) as also ↓ انآد. (T, S, M, L, K: [in the CK فَأْتادَ is erroneously put for فَانْآدَ.]) El-'Ajjáj says, لَمْ يَكُ يَنْآدُ فَأَمْسَى انْآدَا [He used not to become bent, and he has become bent], making the pret. to be a denotative of state because قَدْ is meant to be understood, as in the saying in the Kur [iv. 92], أَوْ جَاؤُوكُمْ حَصِرَتْ صُدُورُهُمْ. (S.) You say also, تَأَوَّدَتْ فِى قِيَامِهَا She (a woman) bent in her rising, by reason of her heaviness. (T and L in art. وأد.) A2: : see آدَهُ.6 تآودهُ: see آدَهُ.7 انآد: see 5, in two places. b2: Also He became oppressed, or burdened [by a load]. (Msb.) أَوِدٌ; (T, M;) or ↓ آوَدُ; fem. أَوْدَآءُ; (K;) Crooked, curved, or bent. (T, M, K.) آوَدُ; fem. أَوْدَآءُ: see what next precedes.

آئِدٌ Burdening [or distressing]. (S.) See 1, last sentence.

مَؤُودٌ Oppressed, pressed heavily upon, or burdened, by a load. (S.) مَآوِدُ Calamities: (IAar, M, L, K:) as also مَوَائِدُ, which is app. formed by transposition. (M, L.) Some say that مآود is pl. of مُؤْيِدٌ, and derive this word [which see in art. ايد] from آدَهُ, aor. يَؤُودٌ, meaning “ it oppressed him by its weight: ” (T, L:) or it has no sing. (IAar, M.)
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