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1 آدَ, aor. يَئِيدُ, inf. n. أَيْدٌ, He, (a man, AZ, T, &c.,) or it, (a thing, L,) was, or became, strong: (AZ, T, S, M, K, &c.:) and ↓ آيد, inf. n. إِيَادٌ, he became possessed of strength. (AHeyth, T, L.) b2: آدَتٌ ضِيَافَتُهُ (tropical:) His coming as a guest was, or became, frequent. (A.) [See أَيِّدٌ.]2 أيّد, inf. n. تَأْيِيدٌ; (T, S, M, &c.;) and ↓ آيد, (T, S, K,) of the measure فَاعَلَ, (S,) inf. n. مُؤَايَدَةٌ; (K;) or He strengthened: (S, M, L, Msb, K:) he aided, or rendered victorious. (L.) You say, أيّدهُ عَلَى الأَمْرِ He strengthened him to accomplish the affair. (M, L.) 3 اَاْيَدَ see 2.4 آيَدَ see 1.5 تأيّد He, or it, (a thing, S,) became strengthened. (T, S, K.) آدٌ Strength; syn. صُلْبٌ, (M, L, K,) and قُوَّةٌ [which is one of the significations of صُلْبٌ, and that which is here meant]; as also ↓ أَيْدٌ [which is an inf. n.: see 1]. (S, M, K.) أَيْدٌ: see آدٌ.

أَيِّدٌ Strong: (S, A, Mgh, Msb, K:) an epithet applied [to God, and] to a man. (S.) A poet says, رَمَى فَأَصَابَ الكُلَى وَالذُّرَى إِذَا القَوْسُ وَتَّرَهَا أَيِّدٌ [lit. When a strong one strings the bow, he shoots, and hits the kidneys, and the tops of the humps of the camels]; meaning, when God strings [or stretches] the bow that is in the clouds, He casts fat into the kidneys and humps of the camels, by means of the herbage that is produced by the rain. (S.) b2: إِنَّهُ لَأَيِّدُ الغَدَآءِ وَالعَشَآءِ means (tropical:) Verily he is often present at the morning and evening meals. (A.) إِيَادٌ Anything by which a person or thing is strengthened, (M, L, K,) or guarded, defended, or protected: (T, L:) a thing by which one is protected, or veiled, or concealed: the side; shade, or shadow; or protection: a place of refuge: (M, L, K:) either side of anything, that strengthens it: (Lth, T:) anything that is in the vicinity of a thing: (T:) each wing of an army: (S, M, L, K:) earth that is put round a watering-trough or tank, or round a tent, (S, M, L, K,) to strengthen it, or to keep away from it the rain-water: (S, L:) any fortification: a fortified mountain: (M, L, K:) a mountain that is inaccessible, or difficult of access. (IAar, T.) [In the place of one signification, Golius gives “ cortex; ” having found لحاه in the place of لَجَأ.] b2: An elevated tract, or a heap, of sand. (M, K.) b3: Abundance of camels [because they strengthen their owner]. (K.) b4: The air; syn. هَوَآء. (K.) مُؤْيَدٌ: see مُؤَيَّدٌ: A2: and see what next follows.

مُؤْيِدٌ, of the same measure as مُؤْمِنٌ, A great, mighty, or severe, thing; (S, L, K;) a calamity: (T, S, M, L, K:) or, accord. to As, it is ↓ مُؤْيَدٌ, with fet-h to the ى, and signifies anything rendered strong, or hard, or severe. (L.) [See مَآوِدُ, in art. اود.) مُؤَيَّدٌ and ↓ مُؤْيَدٌ (the latter irreg., by rule being مُؤَايَدٌ, TK,) Strengthened: (S, L, K:) aided; or rendered victorious: (L:) and the former, strong, applied to a building. (M.) مُؤَيِّدٌ Strengthening: (S, L:) aiding; or rendering victorious. (L.) The dim. also has this form. (S.)
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