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بَأْجٌ, also pronounced بَاجٌ, without ء, (IAar, S, Msb, K,) but the former alone is mentioned by Th in the Fs, and is the chaste word, (TA,) arabicized, from the Persian بَاهَا, (S,) A sort, or species, (S, K,) of food, or viands. (S.) Hence the saying, اِجْعَلِ البَأْجَات بَإْجاً وَاحِدًا [Make thou the sorts, or species, of food, or viands, to be one sort, or species]: (S, K:) occurring in a trad., in which it is without ء in each case, accord. to IDrst: several different sorts of food being brought to 'Omar, he asked respecting them, and it was said, [They are] سِكْبَاج and زِرْبَاج and إِسْفِيدْبَاج; whereupon he ordered that the bowls should be brought, and their contents were emptied into one; he saying the words above. (Marginal note in a copy of the S.) IKh says that a man would bring various sorts [of food], and one would say, اِجْعَلْهَا بأْجاً وَاحدِا [Make thou them to be one sort]. (TA.) The pl. is [بَأْجَاتٌ, as shown above, as though the sing. were بَأْجَةٌ, and] أَبْوَاجٌ. (Msb, TA.) لَأَجْعَلَنَّ النَّاسَ كُلَّهُمْ بَأْجًا وَاحِدًا is [likewise] a saying of 'Omar, (Msb, TA,) meaning [I will assuredly make the people, all of them, to be] one body or assemblage; بَأْجٌ signifying a state of assembling, or collecting together: (Kz, TA:) or [of] one uniform way or mode or manner, (Msb, TA,) as El-Fihree says in the Expos. of the Fs, on the authority of ISd in the book entitled El-'Awees; (TA;) i. e., in respect of gifts, or allowances: (Msb:) accord. to IAar, it is from بَأْجٌ or بَاجٌ signifying a uniform line of road. (TA.) You say also, النَّاسُ بَأْجٌ وَاحِدٌ The people are [as] one thing. (TA.) And هُمْ فِى أَمْرٍ بَأْجٍ

They are [in one and the same, or] in an equal, or a uniform, case. (K.) And جَعَلَ الكَلَامَ بَأْجاً

وَاخِدًا He made the speech, or language, to be [uniform, or] of one mode, or manner. (TA.) And اِجْعَلْ هٰذا الشَّىْءَ بَأْجًا وَاحِدًا Make thou this thing to be [uniform, or] of one way, or mode, or manner. (ISk.) And اِجْعَلِ الأَمْرَ بَأْجًا وَاحِدًا Make thou the affair, or case, [uniform, or] one uniform thing. (Fr.)
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