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1 بَتَرَ, (T, S, M, &c.,) aor بَتُرَ, (M, Mgh, Msb,) inf. n. بَتْرٌ; (T, S, M, &c.;) and ↓ ابتر; (T;) He cut, or cut off, a thing before it was complete: (S, A, L, Msb:) or he cut, or cut off, (M, Mgh, K,) in any manner: (M:) or he cut off (a tail or the like, T) entirely, or utterly. (Aboo-Is-hák, T, M, K.) b2: بَتَرَهُ, (K,) aor. and inf. n. as above; (TA;) or ↓ ابترهُ; (M, L;) He cut off his tail: (K:) or he cut, or amputated, his tail in any place. (M, L.) b3: بَتَرَ رَحِمَهُ, (M,) aor. as above, (M, K,) and so the inf. n., (M,) (assumed tropical:) He cut, or severed, the ties, or bonds, of his relationship; he disunited himself from his relations. (M, K. *) A2: بَتِرَ, aor. بَتَرَ, (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. بَتَرٌ, (S, Msb,) He (any beast, M) had his tail cut off: (S, Msb, K:) or [had either the whole or a part of his tail cut off;] had his tail cut, or amputated, in any place. (M.) 4 أَبْتَرَ see 1, in two places. b2: [Hence,] ابترهُ said of God, He made him to be. or become, أَبْتَر, (S, K,) i. e., without offspring, or progeny. (TA.) 5 تَبَتَّرَ see 7.7 انبتر It (a tail or the like, T) became cut, or cut off, (T, S, M, K, TA,) in any place, (M,) or entirely; (T, M;) and ↓ تبتّر signifies the same. (TA.) بُتَارٌ: see بَاتِرٌ بَتُورٌ: see بَاتِرٌ بُتَيْرَآءُ: see أَبْتَرُ.

بتّارٌ CCC: see بَاتِرٌ بَاتِرٌ A cutting, or sharp, sword; (T, S, M, K;) as also ↓ بَتَّارٌ (T, M, K) and ↓ بَتُورٌ (M) and ↓ بَتَارٌ. (K.) [But all of these except the first are app. intensive epithets, signifying very sharp.] b2: See also أُبَاتِرٌ.

أَبْتَرُ A tail cut off entirely. (T, L.) b2: Any beast (M) having the tail cut off: (T, S, A, Msb, K:) or [having either the whole or a part of the tail cut off;] having the tail cut, or amputated, in any place: (M:) fem. بَتْرَآءُ; with which ↓ مَبْتُورَةٌ is syn.: (Mgh, Msb:) pl. بُتْرٌ. (A, Msb.) b3: (assumed tropical:) A certain malignant, or noxious, serpent: (K:) or a short-tailed serpent: (Mgh; and EdDurr en-Netheer, an abridgment of the Nh of IAth, by El-Jelál:) or a certain species of blue serpent, having its tail [as it were] cut off, which none in a state of pregnancy sees without casting her burden: (ISh:) or the kind of serpent called شَيْطَان, having a short tail: no one sees it without fleeing from it, and no one in a state of pregnancy beholds it without casting her young: it is thus called only because of the shortness of its tail, as thought its tail were cut off. (M.) b4: (assumed tropical:) A leathern water-bag, and a bucket, having no loop. (M, K.) b5: (assumed tropical:) Defective, deficient, incomplete, or imperfect. (Mgh.) b6: (assumed tropical:) In want, or poor. (M, K.) b7: (assumed tropical:) Suffering loss; syn. خَاسِرٌ. (M, K.) b8: (assumed tropical:) One from whom all good, or prosperity, is cut off. (M.) b9: (assumed tropical:) Having no offspring, or progeny; (Aboo-Is-hák, T, S, M, IAth, K;) as also ↓ أُبَاتِرٌ (M, K) and ↓ مُنْبَتِرٌ. (IAth.) [The dim., ↓ أُبَيْتِرُ, occurs in a trad., in this sense, or in some other sense implying contempt.] b10: (assumed tropical:) Anything cut off, (K,) or anything of which the effect is cut off, (S,) from good, or prosperity. (S, K.) [See an ex. in a trad. cited voce بَالٌ.] b11: خُطْبَةٌ بَتْرَآءُ (assumed tropical:) A خطبة [q. v.] in which the speaker does not praise God nor bless the Prophet: (S, A, K:) particularly applied to a certain خطبة of Ziyád. (S, A.) b12: رَكْعَةٌ بَتْرَآءُ, (TA,) and [its dim.] ↓ بُتَيْرَآءُ, (S, TA,) (assumed tropical:) A single ركعة [q. v.] performed instead of the complete performance of the prayer called الوِتْر: or a ركعة cut short, or cut off, after the completion of one ركعة, when both were to have been performed. (TA.) b13: الأَبْتَرَانِ (assumed tropical:) The ass (العَيْرُ) and the slave: (ISK, S, A, K:) so called because of the little good that is in them: (ISk, S:) each is called الأَبْتَرُ. (K.) أُبَاتِرٌ (assumed tropical:) Short; (M, K;) as though cut off from completion. (M.) b2: See also أَبْتَرُ. b3: Also (assumed tropical:) A man who cuts, or severs, the ties, or bonds, of his relationship; who disunites himself from his relations; (S, M, K;) as also ↓ بَاتِرٌ; (A:) or quick to cut, or sever, the ties, or bonds, between him and his friend. (IAar.) أُبَيْتِرُ: see أَبْتَرُ.

مَبْتُورَةٌ: see أَبْتَرُ.

مُنْبَتِرٌ: see أَبْتَرُ.
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