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1 بَثَقَ المَآءَ, (Mgh, Msb,) aor. بَثِقَ and بَثُقَ, (Msb,) inf. n. بَثْقٌ, (Mgh, Msb,) He made an opening for the water by breaking through the bank, or the dam that confined it. (Mgh, Msb. *) And بَثَقَ النَّهْرَ, inf. n. بَثْقٌ (Lth, K) and بِثْقٌ, (K, TA,) in some of the copies of the S [and in the CK] بَثَقٌ, but this is wrong, though Ru-beh has used it by poetic license, (TA,) and تَبْثَاقٌ, (K,) He broke [through] the bank of the river, or rivulet, in order that the water might pour out, or flow forth; (Lth, K, TA;) as also ↓ بثُق, (K,) inf. n. تَبْثِيقٌ; the latter not commonly mentioned. (TA.) And بَثَقَ السَّيْلُ مَوْضِعَ كَذَا, aor. بَثُقَ, inf. n. بَثْقٌ and بِثْقٌ, on the authority of Yaakoob, The torrent broke through, and clave, such a place. (S.) A2: See also 7. b2: بَثَقَت العَيْنُ, (K,) aor. بَثُقَ, inf. n. بَثْقٌ and تَبْثَاقٌ, (TA,) The eye shed tears quickly. (AA, K.) b3: بَثَقَتِ الرَّكِيَّةُ, (AZ, K,) aor. بَثُقَ, (AZ, TA,) inf. n. بُثُوقٌ The well became full, and abundant in water. (AZ, K.) A3: بَثِقَ, aor. بَثَقَ, [inf. n., by rule, بَثَقٌ,] It (seed-produce) became affected with the disease termed بَثْقٌ. (TA.) 2 بَثَّقَ see 1.7 انبثق It (water) had vent; or it poured out, or flowed forth: (S, Msb, * K:) or it ran, or flowed, of itself, without the breaking through of a dam or the like. (Mgh.) [For اِنْفَجَرَ, in the S, Golius appears to have found اِنْفَرَجَ, which is a mistake. b2: The Christians, as Golius has observed, use this verb to denote the procession of the Holy Spirit.] b3: انبثق السَّيْلُ عَلَيْهِمْ (tropical:) The torrent came upon them without their expecting it, or thinking it. (K, * TA.) And المَآءُ عَلَيْهِمْ ↓ بَثَقَ (assumed tropical:) The water came upon them. (TA.) b4: انبثق عَلَيْهِمْ بِالكِلَامِ (tropical:) He came upon them with speech without their expecting it. (K, * TA.) b5: انبثقت الأَرْضُ (tropical:) The land became abundant in herbage, or fruitful. (TA.) بَثْقٌ and ↓ بِثْقٌ An opening made for water by breaking through the bank, or the dam that confined it: (Mgh, Msb: *) or the place where the bank of a river, or rivulet, is broken [through] in order that the water may pour out, or flow forth: a place where water has vent, or pours out, or flows forth: (K:) or the latter signifies a place furrowed, or hollowed out, by water: (JK:) pl. بُثُوقٌ. (JK, K.) A2: Also the former, A disease that affects seed-produce, occasioned by rain. (TA.) بِثْقٌ: see بَثْقٌ.

بَاثِقٌ [act. part. n. of 1]. b2: رَكِيَّةٌ بَاثِقَةٌ A well full, and abundant in water. (K.) And مِيَاهٌ بُثَّقٌ [pl. of بَاثِقٌ], like رُكَّعٌ [pl. of رَاكِعٌ, app. Waters flowing forth abundantly]. (TA.) b3: [Hence,] هُوَ بَاثِقُ الكَرَمِ (assumed tropical:) He is abundant in generosity. (K.)
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