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1 يَجِحَ, [aor. and inf. n. as below,] He rejoiced; or was joyful, glad, or happy; (S, A;) as also ↓ تبجّح: (S, Mgh, K:) and ↓ the latter signifies also he magnified himself; and gloried, or boasted: (Mgh:) or, accord. to Lh, this verb signifies he gloried, or boasted; and vied with others, or contended with them for superiority, in beauty, or goodliness, in respect of something; as also تمجِح: or, as some say, he magnified himself: and بَجِعَ is said to signify he was, or became, great in his own estimation. (TA.) You say also, بَجِعَ بِهِ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. بَجَحَ, (Msb, K,) inf. n. بَجَحٌ; (S, K, TA;) and بَجَحَ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. بَجَحَ; (Msb, K;) but the latter is of weak authority; (S, K;) He rejoiced in it, or at it; (S, K;) namely, a thing; (S;) as also ↓ تبجّح and ↓ ابتجح: (TA:) or he gloried in it, or boasted of it; and so ↓ تبجّح. (Msb.) And عَلَيْنَا ↓ فُلَانٌ يَتَبَجَّحُ, and يَتَمَجَّحُ علينا, Such a one talks foolishly, or irrationally, [to us, assuming superiority over us,] by reason of self-conceitedness: and so one says in speaking of a person in jest. (TA.) A2: See also 2.2 بجّحُه It (a thing, or an affair, TA) rejoiced him; made him joyful, glad, or happy; (A, TA;) as also ↓ ابجحّحُ. (TA.) And بَجَّحْتُهُ, (inf. n. تَبْجِيعٌ, S, K,) I rejoiced him; made him joyful, &c.: (S, Mgh, K:) or, as some say, magnified him: (TA:) and ↓ بَجَحْتُهُ, aor. بَجِحَ, I magnified it; namely, a thing. (Msb.) 4 أَبْجَحَ see 2.5 تَبَجَّحَ see 1, in five places.6 النِّسَآءُ يَتَبَاجَحْنَ Women, or the women, vie, or contend for superiority, one with another, in beauty, or goodliness, and in glorying, or boasting. (A, TA.) 8 إِبْتَجَحَ see 1.

بَجِحٌ Rejoicing, glad, or happy; as in the phrase, إَنَا بَجَعٌ بِمَكَانِ كَذَا [I am rejoicing in such a place]; and so بِهِ ↓ مُتَبَجِّحٌ. (A.) بَجَّاحٌ Joyful; [an intensive epithet] applied to a man. (TA.) بَاجِحٌ Great in estimation; applied to a man: pl. بُجَّعٌ and بُجْحٌ. (TA.) مَبَاجِحُ [a pl. of which the sing. is app. مَبْجَحَةٌ, meaning, accord. to analogy, A cause of joy or gladness or happiness]. You say, لَقِيتُ مِنْهُ المَنَاجِحَ والمَبَاجِحَ [app. I experienced from it, or him, the causes of success, and the causes of joy &c.]. (A, TA.) مُتَبَجِّحٌ: see بَجِعٌ.
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