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1 بَحَثَهُ, aor. بَحَثَ, inf. n. بَحْثٌ, He scraped it up; [as one who seeks to find a thing therein;] namely, the dust, or earth: (L:) and he searched, or sought, for it, or after it, (namely, a thing,) in the dust, or earth; as also ↓ ابتحثهُ: (L, TA:) thus each is made trans. by itself: and authors often say, بَحَثَ فِيهِ [meaning he searched, or inquired, into it; investigated, scrutinized, or examined, it]: (TA:) one says, بَحَثَ فِى الأَرْضِ he dug up the earth; and thus it is used in the Kur v. 34: (Msb:) but accord. to the usage commonly known and obtaining, (TA,) you say, بَحَثَ عَنْهُ, (S, A, L, Msb, K,) aor. as above, (L, Msb, K,) and so the inf. n.; (L, Msb;) as well as بَحَثَهُ; (L;) and عنه ↓ ابتحث; (T, S, L, K;) [in some copies of the K انبحث, which is said in the TA to be a mistake; and ↓ ابتحثهُ; (see above;)] and عنه ↓ تبحّث; (T, L, K;) and عنه ↓ استبحث; (L, K;) and ↓ استبحثهُ; (L;) [he scraped up the dust, or earth, from over it: and hence,] he searched, or sought, for it, after it, or respecting it; he inquired, and sought for information, respecting it; he searched, or inquired, into it; investigated, scrutinized, or examined, it; he inquired respecting it, and searched to the utmost after it; (S, * A, * L, Msb, * K; *) namely, a thing, (S, L,) or an affair, or event. (Msb.) You say also, أَخَاهُ عَنْ سِرِهِّ ↓ استبحث He examined his brother respecting his secret. (A in art. نبث.) 3 بَاْحَثَ [باحثهُ عَنْ أَمْرٍ, inf. n. مُبَاحَثَةٌ, He searched, or inquired, with him into a thing; or investigated, scrutinized, or examined, with him a thing, or an affair: and particularly, in the way of disputation.] b2: عَادَتُهُ أَنْ يُبَاحِثَ وَيُبَاهِتَ [His custom is to engage with another in mutual scrutiny of secrets, or faults, or the like, and in mutual calumniation, &c.: see 6]. (A in art. بهت.) 5 تَبَحَّثَ see 1.6 تَبَاحَثُوا عَنِ الأَسْرَارِ They searched, or inquired, into each other's secrets. (A in art. نبث.) 8 إِبْتَحَثَ see 1, in three places. b2: ابتحث also signifies He played with the dust, or earth, termed بحاثة; or at the game called البحثة. (K.) In a copy of the K, the verb is here incorrectly written انبحث. (TA.) 10 إِسْتَبْحَثَ see 1, in three places.

بَحْثٌ, (so in the K,) or ↓ بحِيثٌ, (so in the L,) accord. to Sh, (L,) A mine (L, K) in which one searches for gold and silver. (L.) A2: Also the former, A great serpent; (K;) because it scrapes up the dust or earth. (TA.) البُحْثَةُ, (as written in the L,) or البَحْثَةُ, (as in the K,) accord. to Sh, (L,) and ↓ البُحّيّثَى, (L, K,) accord. to ISh, (L,) A certain game with ↓ بُحَاثَة, i. e, dust, or earth. (L, K.) You say, لَعِبَ البُحْثَةَ He played the game thus called. (L.) إِبِلٌ بَحُوثٌ Camels that scrape up the dust, or earth, with their fore feet, backwards, (AA, T, L, K,) in going; i. e., throwing it behind them; or, as some say, with their feet. (TA.) b2: البَحُوثُ, (K,) or سُوَرةُ البَحُوثِ, (L,) thus written in the Fáïk, and if so, بَحُوثٌ is an intensive epithet, applying alike to a masc. and a fem. noun, like صَبُورٌ; (TA;) or, accord. to some, سُورَةُ البُحُوثِ, (L,) pl. of بَحْثِ; (TA;) a name of The chapter of the Kur-án called سُورَةُ التَّوْبَةِ, (L, K,) and البَرَآءَةِ; (L;) [chap. ix.;] given to it because it inquires respecting the hypocrites and their secrets. (L.) بَحِيثٌ: see بَحْثٌ. b2: A secret: whence the prov., بَدَا بَحِيثُهُمْ [Their secret became apparent, or revealed]. (TA. [But in the S, in art. نجث, q. v., we find بَدَا نَجِيثُ القَوْمِ; and so in Freytag's Arab. Prov. i. 159.]) بُحَاثَةٌ Dust, or earth, (Az, K,) which is scraped up from what is searched for therein. (Az, TA.) See البُحْثَةُ.

البُحَيْثَى: see البُحْثَةُ.

بَاحِثٌ [act. part. n. of 1; Scraping up dust or earth: &c.]. كَالبَاحِثِ عَنِ الشَّفْرَةِ [Like him who is scraping up the dust, or earth, from over the great knife with which he is to be slaughtered,] is a prov.: (S, L:) and so كَبَاحِثَةٍ عَنْ حَتْفِهَا بِظِلْفِهَا [Like one searching for her death with her hoof]: originating from the fact of a ewe's digging up a knife in the dust, or earth, and then being slaughtered with it. (L.) بَاحِثَآءُ Dust, or earth, (L, K,) of the burrow of the Jerboa, (L,) resembling the [hole termed]

قَاصِعَآء; (L, K;) but it is not this: pl. بَاحِثَاوَاتٌ. (L.) مَبْحَثٌ A place, and a time, of scraping up or digging; of searching, inquiring, investigating, scrutinizing, or examining: pl. مَبَاحِثُ. (KL.) You say, تَرَكْتُهُ بِمَبَاحِثِ البَقَرِ (S, K*) [I left him in the places where the wild oxen scrape up the ground]; meaning, in a desert place, destitute of herbage, or of human beings; (S, K;) in an unknown place; (K;) i. e., so that it was not known where he was. (S.)
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