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1 بَخَتَهُ He beat, struck, or smote, him; (JK, K;) namely, a man. (JK.) [See also بَكَتَهُ.]2 تَبْخِيتٌ [inf. n. of بَخَّتَهُ] The overcoming another with an argument or the like; or reducing him to silence, through inability to reply; i. q. تَبْكِيتٌ: and the addressing an adversary in a dispute or litigation with speech so as to put a stop to his plea, or allegation: from the author of the Tekmileh. (Mgh.) b2: Also, as a term of the theologians, The believing at first view, without consideration of a thing: so in صَلَّى عَلَى التَّبْخِيتِ [he prayed according to the belief which he formed at first view, without consideration]; said of a person when the kibleh is doubtful, and he cannot work out a solution of the difficulty. (Mgh.) Q. Q. 2 تَبَخْتَى: see تَبَخْتَرَ.

بَخْتٌ Fortune; or particularly good fortune; syn. جَدٌّ, (S, A, K,) and حَظٌّ: (Msb, TA:) a foreign, or Persian, word, (Msb,) arabicized: (S, K:) or post-classical: accord. to the 'Ináyeh, not a chaste Arabic word: but in the Shifá el-Ghaleel said to have been used by the Arabs in ancient times; and the like is said in the L: Az says, “I know not if it be Arabic or not. ” (TA.) بُخْتُ [a coll. gen. n.] A species of camels; (S, * Msb;) the Khurásánee [or Bactrian] camels; (K;) begot between an Arabian she-camel and a فَالِج [which is a large two-humped camel brought from Es-Sind for the purpose of covering]; (TA;) long-necked; (Nh;) [large and strong, accord. to Ibn-Maaroof; and two-humped, accord. to Leo Africanus: the Mauritanian Arabs call thus all camels promiscuously; but accord. to the more common use of the word are to be understood hairy camels, fit for winter-work; generally of Turhumán or Bactrian breed; distinct from the Arabian, which are accustomed to bear bardens in winter and summer: (Golius:)] they are also called ↓ بُخْتِيَّةٌ: (K:) n. un. ↓ بُخْتِىٌّ; (S, Msb;) fem. ↓ بُخْتِيَّةٌ: (S:) pl. بَخَاتِىُّ, (S, Msb, K,) imperfectly decl., (S,) and بَخَاتَى (K, TA [in the CK بَخَاتِى]) and بَخَاتٍ, (K,) and you may say [with the article] البَخَاتِى, without tenween: (S, Msb:) it is a foreign, or Persian, word, (TA,) arabicized: but some say, it is Arabic: (S, TA:) some hesitate as to its being Arabic because بَخْتٌ, meaning خَظٌّ, is not. (Msb.) بُخْتِىٌّ and بُخْتِيَّةٌ: see بُخْتٌ; for the latter, in two places.

بَخِيتٌ, not thought by IDrd to be a chaste word, (TA,) Fortunate; possessed of good fortune; (A, K, TA;) as also ↓مَبْخُوتٌ. (S, A, K.) بَخَّاتٌ One who acquires, as his permanent property, camels such as are termed بُخْت: (K:) and one who makes use of such camels. (TA.) مَبْخُوتٌ: see بَخِيتٌ.
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