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1 بَخَرَتِ القِدْرُ, (Msb, K,) aor. بَخُرَ, (Msb,) or بَخَرَ, (K,) inf. n. بَخْرٌ (Msb, K) and بُخَارٌ, (TA,) The cooking-pot sent up fume, vapour, steam, or an exhalation. (Msb, K. *) A2: بَخِرَ, (S, K,) aor. بَخَرَ, (K,) inf. n. بَخَرٌ, (TA,) He had a stinking mouth [or breath; he exhaled a stinking, or fetid, odour from his mouth]. (S, L, K.) You say, بَخِرَتٌ عَلَيْنَا She exhaled a stinking, or fetid, odour upon us from her mouth. (A. [But in my copy of that work, and in the TA, it is erroneously written بَخَرَتْ.]) And بَخِرَ الفَمُ, aor. and inf. n. as above, The mouth stank; exhaled a stinking, or fetid, odour. (Msb.) [See بَخَرٌ, below.]2 بخّرت She perfumed [or rather fumigated her own or another's person or clothes &c. with بَخُور]. (A.) 4 ابخرهُ It (a thing) caused him to have a stinking mouth [or breath]. (K, * TA.) 5 تبخّر (S, K, &c.) He fumigated himself with perfume or the like; (TA;) with بَخُور. (S, A, K.) One says, فُلَانٌ يَتَبَخَّرُ وَ يَبَخْتَرُ [Such a one fumigates himself with perfume, and walks with an elegant and a proud and self-conceited gait, with an affected inclining of his body from side to side]. (A.) بَخَرٌ Stench, or fetor, of the mouth [or breath] (S, A, K) &c.: (AHn, K:) and any odour that rises and diffuses itself, (K, TA,) whether stinking or not; as also ↓ بُخَارٌ. (TA.) بُخَارٌ [Fume, vapour, steam, or exhalation;] what rises from water, like smoke; (S;) any fume (K, TA) that rises and diffuses itself (TA) from what is hot, (K, TA,) or from hot water; (TA;) anything that rises and diffuses itself from hot water or from damp earth: pl. أَبْخِرَةٌ and بُخَارَاتٌ. (Msb.) b2: Also The stench of a noiseless emission of wind from the anus. (TA.) b3: See also بَخَرٌ.

بَخُورٌ Incense, or a substance for fumigation; syn. دُخْنَةٌ; (Msb;) that with which one fumigates himself: (S, A, Msb, K:) aloes-wood used for that purpose. (TA in art. قتر.) b2: بَخُورُ مَرْيَمَ [Arthanita, or sow-bread; the common cyclamen; also called الوَلْفُ; the latter name, accord. to Golius, on the authority of Zeyn El-'Attár, given to it by the Syrians;] a certain plant, (K,) originally called عَرْطَنِيثَا; hot; dry; (TA;) having the property of clearing the complexion, or skin; aperient; diuretic; (K;) laxative; (TA;) and very useful: (K:) it is a laxative when used in the form of a suppository, or applied as a liniment below the navel. (TA.) أَبْخَرُ Having a stinking mouth [or breath]: (S, Msb, K:) fem. بَخْرَآءُ: and pl. بُخْرٌ. (Msb.) مَبْخَرَةٌ A thing that occasions one's knowing, or inferring, or suspecting, stench, or fetor, of the mouth [or breath; a cause of stench, or fetor, of the mouth or breath]: such is said to be the sleeping between daybreak and sunrise, or in the first part of the day. (TA.) مِبْخَرَةٌ A vessel for fumigation; a censer; syn. مِجْمَرَةٌ [q. v.: pl. مَبَاخِرُ]. (Msb in art. جمر.) مُبَخَّرٌ A garment perfumed [or rather fumigated with perfume]. (A.) مَبْخُورٌ [Affected by the fumes of wine &c.; or] affected with pain and headache occasioned by wine, or with the remains of intoxication. (IAar, K.)
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