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1 بَخِقَ, aor. بَخَقَ; and بَخَقَ, aor. بَخُقَ; He had that affection of an eye which is termed بَخَقُ, explained below. (K.) [And,] accord. to ISd, بَخَقَتْ عَيْنُهُ, and بَخِقَتْ, His eye went away; or perished: and i. q. عَارَتْ [his eye became blind; or became wanting; or sank in its socket]: the more approved form is [بَخَقَتْ,] with fet-h [to the medial radical]: and it is also explained as meaning فُقِئَتْ [it was put out; or was blinded; &c.]: (TA:) or, accord. to the Mj, بَخِقَتِ العَيْنُ signifies the flesh [app. meaning the bulb, which is also termed the شَحْمَة,] of the eye disappeared: and the epithet applied to the eye in this case is ↓ بَخْقَآءُ. (Mgh.) A2: بَخَقَ عَيْنَهُ, aor. بَخَقَ, (S, K,) inf. n. بَخْقٌ, (S,) i. q. عَوَّرَهَا [He put out his eye; or made it to sink in its socket]; (Lth, S, K;) as also ↓ أَبْخَقَهَا: (TA:) or the former, (Mgh,) and ↓ the latter, (AA, K, TA,) i. q. فَقَأَهَا [he put it out; or blinded it; &c.]. (AA, Mgh, K.) 4 أَبْخَقَ see 1, in two places: A2: and see also 7.7 اِنْبَخَقَتِ العَيْنُ, so in the Moheet; accord. to the K, ↓ أَبْخَقَت, but this is wrong; i. q. نَدَرَت [The eye fell out from its place; or became displaced]; as in the K. (TA.) بَخَقٌ [app. inf. n. of بَخِقَ: and, as a simple subst.,] The worst, or most unseemly, kind of عَوَر [or blindness of one eye, or loss thereof, &c.], and that in which there is most [of the foul matter termed] غَمَص: [in the CK, for أَكْثَرُهُ غَمَصًا, is erroneously put اَكْثَرُهُ غَمْضًا; and so I find in the JK:] or the state in which the edge of one's eyelid (شُفْرُ عَيْنِهِ [in the CK شُفْرُ عَيْنَيْهِ]) will not meet the black, or part surrounded by the white: (Lth, K:) or blindness of one eye (عَوَرٌ) by the disappearance, in the head, of the black, or part surrounded by the white: (S:) or the disappearance of that part of the eye, in the head, after blindness of the eye: (Sh, TA:) or the having the sight gone, but the eye remaining open, blind, or white and blind, but still whole. (IAar, TA.) بَخِيقٌ, and with ة: see أَبْخَقُ, in three places.

بَاخِقُ العَيْنُ: and عَيْنٌ بَاخِقَةٌ: see أَبْخَقُ, in two places.

رَجُلٌ أَبْخَقُ, and ↓ بَخِيقٌ and العَيْنِ ↓ بَاخِقُ and العَيْنِ ↓ مَبْخُوقُ all signify the same; (K;) i. e. A man blind of one eye; or wanting one eye; or having one of his eyes sunk in its socket; or having one of his eyes dried up; syn. أَعْوَرُ: (TA:) [or having that affection of an eye which is termed بَخَقٌ:] and in like manner بَخْقَآءُ applied to a sheep or goat for sacrifice on the occasion of the pilgrimage signifies عَوْرَآءُ [blind of one eye; &c.]; (Mgh, TA;) or, as some say, having an eye of which the black, or part surrounded by the white, has disappeared in the head. (Mgh.) And عَيْنٌ بَخْقَآءُ and ↓ بَاخِقَةٌ and ↓ بَخِيقٌ and ↓ بَخِيقَةٌ i. q. عَوْرَآءُ [An eye that is blind; &c.]: (K:) see also 1.

مَبْخُوقُ العَيْنِ: see أَبْخَقُ.
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