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R. Q. 1 بَخْبَخَ, (S, K,) inf. n. بَخْبَخَةٌ and بِخْبَاخٌ, (TA,) [a verb imitative of the sound which it signifies,] He (a camel [in a state of excitement]) brayed, (S, K,) so that his شِقْشِقَة [or faucial bag] filled his mouth: (S:) or, as some say, began to bray. (TA.) b2: [Hence, perhaps,] He (a man) said [بَخْ] or بَخْ بَخْ [&c.]. (TA, and Har p. 556.) b3: And [hence,] بَخْبَخَ بِصُحْبَتِى He rejoiced in my company. (Har ubi suprà.) b4: And بَخْبَخَ الرَّجُلَ He said بَخْ or بَخْ بَخْ

&c. to the man. (S.) بَخْ, (S, A, K, &c.,) [in some copies of the K written بَخَّ, which is wrong, for it is] like بَلْ, (A,) [i. e.] like قَدْ, (TA,) [perhaps, as I have suggested above, from the sound made by a hecamel in a state of excitement,] a word used on the occasion of praising; (S, A;) on praising one from whom has proceeded a good and wonderful action; (Har p. 142;) on approving a thing; (T, S, Msb, K;) on being pleased with it, or having one's admiration excited by it; (A, K;) or on the occasion of glorying and of praising; (K;) in pronouncing a thing great in estimation, (IAmb,) or excellent; (AHeyth;) in deeming a thing great in estimation, (AHei,) or good; (Mgh;) or it means wonder, or admiration; (R;) and sometimes it is used [ironically] to denote disapproval; also, as an exhortation to gentleness with a thing, and to taking extraordinary pains; (TA;) and in a case of expertness, or skilfulness: (AHei:) it means نِعْمَ الرَّجُلُ and نِعْمَ الفِعْلُ [Excellent, or most excellent, is the man! and, the deed!]; (Har p. 142;) [or simply, excellent! or most excellent! how good! how goodly! well done! bravo! and the like;] or عَظُمَ الأَمْرُ and فَخُمَ [great in estimation is the thing, or affair, or event, or case!]: (K:) MF observes, [probably from finding بَخَّ in the place of بَخْ in his copy or copies of the K,] that this explanation is like an express assertion that it is a verb in the pret. tense, which requires consideration. (TA.) It is used alone; and in this case you say, بَخْ, (K,) and بَخِ, (Msb, K,) with kesr for its invariable termination, (Msb,) and بَخٍ, and بَخٌ; (K, TA; [but in the CK, in the place of بَخٍ and بَخٌ, we find بُخٌ;]) without tesh-deed, (T, Msb,) in most cases; (Msb;) but also with teshdeed, (T, S, A,) like a noun; so that one says, بَخٍ لَكَ and بَخٍّ [&c., meaning I say excel-lent! &c., to thee]: (S:). and one repeats it, (S, A, K, &c.,) for the sake of emphasis; (S, A;) saying, بَخْ بَخْ, (IAmb, S, A, K, &c.,) with the خ quiescent like the ل in هَلْ and بَلْ, (IAmb,) and بَخٍ بَخٍ, (S, A, R, K,) pronounced in the latter manner, with tenween, when in connexion with a following word, [and in this case only, whereas it is pronounced in the former manner in any case,] (S, A,) and بَخٍّ بَخٍّ, (S, * A, * R, K,) and بَخٍ بَخْ, (K,) and بَخِّ بَخِّ. (R.) جَمَلٌ بَخْبَاخُ الهَدِيرِ A camel that fills his mouth with his شِقْشِقَة [or faucial bag] when he brays. (S.) إِبِلٌ مُبْخْبَخَةٌ Camels to which one says بَخْ بَخْ; being pleased with them: (ISd, TA:) or largebellied camels; (K;) as also مُخَبْخَبَةٌ, which is formed from the former by transposition; from بَخْ بَخْ, or بَخٍ بَخْ, which is said by the Arabs in praising a thing; as though, by reason of their greatness, the people, seeing them, said, How goodly are they! (TA.)
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