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1 بَرِجَ [written in the TA without the vowel-signs, but the context seems to show that it is thus, and that the inf. n. is بَرَجٌ] It (anything) was, or became, apparent, manifest, or conspicuous, and high, or elevated: whence بُرْجٌ, applied to a certain kind of structure. (TA.) b2: بَرِجَ, [aor. بَرَجَ,] inf. n. بَرَجٌ, [also signifies] He had that quality of the eye which is termed بَرَجٌ, explained below. (M, TA.) b3: Also, (K,) or بَرِجَ أَمْرُهُ, (TA,) aor. بَرَجَ, His state, condition, or case, became ample in respect of eating and drinking. (IAar, K, TA.) 2 بَرَّجَ see 4.4 ابرج He (a man, TA) built a بُرْج [or tower, &c.]; as also ↓ برّج, inf. n. تَبْرِيجٌ. (K.) 5 تَبَرَّجَتْ She (a woman) showed, or displayed, her finery, or ornaments, (S, Msb, K,) and beauties of person or form or countenance, (S, Msb,) to men, (S, K,) or to strangers, or men distantly related to her; (Msb;) to do which is culpable; but to do so to the husband is not: (TA:) or she showed her face: or she showed the beauties of her neck and face: or she did so exhibiting a pretty look: (TA:) or she showed, or displayed, her finery, or ornaments, and what excites a man's lust. (A boo-Is-hák, TA.) Fr, referring to verse 33 of ch. xxxiii. of the Kur, says that in the time when Abraham was born, the women used to wear a shirt of pearls, not sewed at the two sides; or, as some say, they used to wear garments which did not conceal their persons. (TA.) بُرْجٌ [Gr. πύργος, (Golius,) A tower;] an angle, syn. رُكْن, (S, K,) of a fortress, (S,) or of a city: (TA:) and sometimes a fortress itself: (S, K:) so called from its conspicuousness and construction and height: (TA: [see 1:]) or the primary signification of برج is strength; whence أَبْرَجُ in a sense explained below: (Har p. 286:) pl. [of mult.] بُرُوجٌ and [of pauc.] أَبْرَاجٌ: (S:) the بُرُوجٌ of the wall of a city or fortress are chambers (بُيُوت [meaning towers]) built upon the wall: and such chambers (بيوت) built upon the sides of the angles of a قَصْر [i. e. pavilion or palace &c.] are sometimes thus called. (Lth.) [Hence,] بُرْجُ حَمَامٍ [A pigeon-turret; a pigeon-house; being generally constructed in the form of a turret, or of a sugar-loaf;] a lodging-place of pigeons: pl. as above. (Msb.) b2: Also (assumed tropical:) [A sign of the Zodiac;] one of the بُرُوج of the heaven; (S, K;) which are twelve in number; every one having a distinct name: (TA:) the Arabs in ancient times did not know them: (Ham p. 560:) pl. أَبْرَاجٌ as well as بُرُوجٌ: (Msb, TA:) these are meant by the بُرُوج mentioned in the Kur xv. 16 and xxv. 62 and lxxxv. 1: (Bd, Jel:) or in the last of these instances, (Bd,) by the بروج in the heaven are meant the Mansions of the Moon: (Bd, Msb:) or the stars or asterisms or constellations: (TA:) or the great stars or asterisms or constellations; (Bd, Msb;) and so, accord. to Zj, in the second of the said passages of the Kur: (TA:) or the gates of heaven: (Bd, Msb:) or, as some say, i. q. قُصُور [i. e. pavilions &c.]. (TA.) بَرَجٌ Such a constitution of the eye that the white entirely surrounds the black, (S, M, K,) no part of the black being concealed: (S, M:) or width of the eye: or width of the white of the eye, and largeness of the eyeball, and beauty of the black part: or clearness of the white and black parts theeeof: (M, TA:) or width of the eye, and largeness of the eyeball: (Ham p. 560:) or width of the eye with intense whiteness of the person: (TA:) and distance between the eyebrows. (L, TA.) [See also بَلَجٌ.]

A2: Goodly, elegant, or pretty; beautiful of face: or [so in copies of the K, and in the TA, but in the CK “and”] shining, or splendid; conspicuous; and well known. (K.) خُلُقٌ بَارِجٌ A large, or liberal, disposition; syn. وَاسِعٌ. (Ham p. 560.) أَبْرَاجٌ A man having that quality of the eye which is termed بَرَجٌ: (M, TA:) fem. بَرْجَآءُ; applied to a woman; (S) and also to an eye (عَيْنٌ) having the quality termed بَرَجٌ: (M, TA:) pl. بُرْجٌ. (Ham p. 560.) A2: هٰذَا أَبْرَجُ مِنْ هٰذَا This is stronger than this. (Har p. 286.) إِبْرِيجٌ The vessel, or receptacle, [generally a skin,] in which milk is churned, or beaten and agitated, or in which the butter of the milk is extracted, or fetched out, by putting water in it, and agitating it; syn. مِمْخَضَةٌ. (S, K.) ثَوْبٌ مُبَرَّجٌ A garment whereon are figures of بُرُوج [or towers]: (Zj, TA:) or whereon are depicted figures resembling the بُرُوج [or towers] of the wall of a city or the like: (T, A, TA:) or figured with eyes, of the garments termed حُلَلٌ; from البَرَجُ (S.)
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