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Q. 1 بَرْقَعَهُ, (S, K,) inf. n. بَرْقَعَةٌ, (TA,) He attired him with a بُرْقُع: (S, K:) and بَرْقَعَ المَرْأَةَ he attired the woman with a بُرْقُع (Msb.) b2: بَرْقَعَ لِحْيَتَهُ [He veiled his beard with a بُرْقُع;] He assumed the guise of such as wear the بُرْقُع; (TA;) i. e. صَارَ مَأْبُونًا [he became effeminate, or a catamite]. (K, TA.) A poet says, أَلَمْ تَرَ قَيْسًا قَيْسَ عَيْلَانَ بَرْقَعَتْ لِحَاهَا وَبَاعَتْ نَبْلَهَا بِالمَغَازِلِ

[Dost thou no see that Keys, Keys-'Eylan, have veiled their beards, and sold their arrows for spindles?]. (TA.) b3: بَرْقَعَ فُلَانًا بِالعَصَا, (K,) inf. n. as above, (TA,) He struck such a one with the staff, or stick, between his ears, (K, TA,) so that it became like the بُرْقُع upon his head. (TA.) Q. 2 تَبَرْقَعَ He attired himself with a بُرْقُع (S , K:) and تَبَرْقَعَتْ she (a women) attired herself with a بُرْقُع. (Msb.) بُرْقَعٌ: see what next follows.

بُرْقُعٌ (IAar, S, Mgh, Msb, K) and ↓ بُرْقَعٌ (IAar, S, Msb, K ,) but some disallow this latter, (Msb,) and ↓ بُرْقُوعٌ, (IAar, S, K,) but AHát disallows this, as well as the second, (TA,) A thing pertaining to women and to horses or similar beasts, (K,) or to horses or similar beasts and to the women of the Arabs of the desert; (S;) a thing with which a woman veils her face; (Msb;) having in it two holes for the eyes: (Lth:) a small piece of cloth, or rag, pierced for the eyes, worn by horses or similar beasts and by the women of the Arabs of the desert: (Mgh:) [or, accord. to the general fashion of the present time, a long strip of cotton or other cloth, black, blue, or of some other colour, or white, concealing the whole of the face of the woman wearing it, except the eyes, and reaching nearly to the feet, suspended at the top by a narrow band, or other fastening, which passes up the middle of the forehead, and which is sewed, as are also the two upper corners, to a band which is tied round the head, beneath the head-veil: (see my “ Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians,” ch. i.:)] ↓ بُرْقَعَةٌ, if correct, is a more particular term: (Mgh:) the pl. is بَرَاقِعُ. (Lth, Msb.) [See نِقَابٌ.] b2: [البُرْقُعُ The curtain of the door of the Kaabeh.] b3: See also بِرْقِعُ.

بِرْقَعُ: see what next follows.

بِرْقَعُ, (S, K, * TA,) imperfectly decl., (S, TA,) and ↓ بِرْقَعُ, (Fr, Az, Ibn-'Abbád,) of a rare form, like هِجْرَع, (Fr, Az, *) or البِرْقِعُ and ↓ البُرْقُعُ, (K, * TA,) but perhaps this last is a mistranscription, for بِرْقَعُ, (TA,) a name of The heaven, or sky: (Fr:) or the seventh heaven: (AAF, S, K:) or the fourth heaven: (Lth, Az, K:) or the first heaven; (K;) i. e. the lowest heaven: IDrd says, so they assert; and in like manner says IF; and he says, the ب is augmentative, the radical letters being ر ق ع, for every heaven is termed رَقِيعٌ, and the heavens [together] are termed أَرْقِعَةٌ: (TA:) or the lowest heaven is termed الرَّقِيعُ. (S, TA.) [See an ex. voce سَدِرٌ.]

بُرْقَعَةٌ: see بُرْقُعٌ.

بُرْقُوعٌ: see بُرْقُعٌ.

فَرَسٌ مُبَرْقَعٌ, (TA,) or فَرَسٌ أَغَرٌّ مُبَرْقَعٌ, (Mgh,) A horse having what is termed غُرَّةٌ مُبَرْقِعَةٌ: (TA:) or a horse having the whole of his face white. (Mgh.) And شَاةٌ مُبَرْقَعَةٌ A sheep, or ewe, having the head white. (S, K.) غُرَّةٌ مُبَرْقِعَةٌ A blaze, or whiteness, on the face of a horse, occupying the whole of his face, except that he looks (يَنْظُرُ [for which يُنْظَرُ is erroneously substituted in the CK]) in blackness; (S, L, K;) [i. e.] this whiteness passing downwards to the cheeks without reaching to the eyes. (L, TA.)
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