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1 بَرِهَ, aor. بَرَهَ, inf. n. بَرَهٌ, or, as in some copies of the K, بَرَهَانٌ, (TA, [and so I find in an excellent copy of the K, but in the CK بُرْهَان,]) His body returned to a healthy state, or his health of body returned to him, or his bodily condition became good, after having been altered by disease. (IAar, K. *) [The ه is perhaps a substitute for ء: see بَرِئَ.] b2: And He was, or became, white in person, or body and members. (K.) b3: See also بَرَهٌ, below.4 ابره He adduced the evidence or proof: (Msb, K:) but as to ↓ بَرْهَنَ, meaning he manifested the evidence or proof, it is said, on the authority of IAar, to be post-classical; the former being the correct word: (AA, T, Z, Msb, TA:) or the former signifies he adduced, or uttered, or did, wonderful things, and overcame men. (K.) Q. Q., or, as some say, Q., 1. بَرْهَنَ: see 4; and see art. برهن.

بَرَهٌ [perhaps an inf. n., of which the verb is ↓ بَرِهَ,] Softness, thinness of skin, and plumpness, (K, TA,) of a woman; as also ↓ بَرَهْرَهَةٌ. (TA.) بَرْهَةٌ: see what next follows.

بُرْهَةٌ and ↓ بَرْهَةٌ A long space or period of time: (JK, S:) or a long time: (ISk, K:) or they have a more general sense; (K;) i. e. a space, or period, of time: pl. of the former بُرَهٌ and بُرْهَاتٌ and بُرَهَاتٌ and بُرَهَاتٌ. (Msb.) You say, أَتَتْ عَلَيْهِ بُرْهَةٌ مِنَ الدَّهْرِ and بَرْهَةٌ [A long space or period of time, or merely a space or period of time, passed over him]. (S.) بُرْهَانٌ: see art. برهن.

بَرَهْرَهَةٌ A white (IAar, JK, Msb) girl (IAar, Msb) or female: (JK:) or a woman (S, K,) white and youthful: or soft, or tender: (K:) or that quivers, (K,) or almost quivers, (S,) from sappiness, softness, or tenderness: (S,* K:) or that shines, or glistens, by reason of her clearness [of complexion]: or thin-skinned; appearing as though water were running upon her, by reason of her softness, or tenderness: (TA:) of the measure فَعَلْعَلَةٌ, (S, TA,) from بَرَهٌ: (TA:) dim.

↓ بُرَيْهَةٌ (JK, TA) and ↓ بُرَيْرِهَةٌ, (JK,) or ↓ بُرَيْرِيهَةٌ; but ↓ بُرَيْهِرَهَةٌ is bad, and seldom used. (TA.) Imra-el-Keys says, بَرَهْرَهَةٌ رُؤَدَةً رَخْصَةٌ كَخُرْعُويَةِ البَانَةِ المُنْفَطِرْ [White, or white and youthful, &c., soft, or beautiful, tender, like the shoot of the ben-tree breaking forth with leaves: the last word being made masc. by poetic license, for the sake of the metre.]. (S.) b2: [Hence, app.,] it is said to signify also A white knife, of clear, pure, or bright, iron. (TA.) A2: See also بَرَهٌ.

بُرَيْهَةٌ and بُرَيْهِرَهَةٌ: see بَرَهْرَهَةٌ.

بُرَيْرِهَةٌ, or بُرَيْرِيهَةٌ: see بَرَهْرَهَةٌ.

أَبْرَهُ [app.] Having the body in a healthy state, or in good condition, after disease: and white in person, or body and members: [but whether it have both these significations, or only the latter of them, is not clear:] fem. بَرْهَآءُ. (K.)
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