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1 بَرَوْتُهَا, i. e. النَّاقَةَ: see 4.

A2: بَرَوْتُهُ, (M, Msb, K,) aor. بَرُوَ, (Lth, T,) inf. n. بَرْوٌ, (M,) I formed it, or fashioned it, by cutting; shaped it out; or pared it; (K;) namely, a reed for writing, (Lth, T, M, Msb, K,) and a stick, or piece of wood, (M, K,) and an arrow, (K,) [&c.;] a dial. var. of بَرَيْتُهُ, (Lth, T, M, Msb,) used by some, (Lth, T,) but the latter is the more approved: (M, TA:) mentioned by AZ. (TA.) b2: [Hence, perhaps,] بَرَاهُ, aor. بَرُوَ, inf. n. بَرْوٌ, He (i. e. God) created him, or it: (Fr, S, K:) [but] they affirm that it is originally بَرَأَهُ, with hemz: (MF:) so says IAth: (TA:) or it is from بَرًا or بَرًى, signifying “dust,” or “earth.” (Fr, S.) A3: بَرَا, aor. بَرُوَ, is also a bad dial. var. of بَرَأَ [signifying He, or it, recovered from disease, or became convalescent, &c.], aor. يَبْرُؤُ. (TA.) 4 أَبْرَيْتُهَا, (S, M, K,) i. e. النَّاقَةَ, (S, M,) I put a [ring such as is termed] بُرَة in her (a camel's) nose; (S, M, K;) as also ↓ بَرَوْتُهَا: (IJ, M, K:) and ابريتهُ, namely, a camel, I put him a بُرَة. (Msb.) A2: ابرى Dust, or earth, came, or lighted, upon it. (K,* TA, in art. برى.) بُرَةٌ (in which the final radical letter is elided, [and replaced by ة,] Msb) A ring (T, S, M, &c.) of brass, (Lth, Lh, T, S, M, [in a copy of the Msb, من صوف is erroneously put for مِنْ صُفْرٍ,]) or of silver, (Lth, T,) or of some other material, (Lh, M,) slender, and bent at the two ends [lest it should open at the place where the two ends meet], that is put in the nose of a she-camel, (Lth, T,) or put in the nose of the camel, (M, Msb, K,) or in the flesh of the nose of the camel, (Lh, S, M, K,) or, as As says, in one of the two sides of the two nostrils, (S,) app. either for the purpose of ornament or to render the animal obedient; (MF;) [generally for the latter purpose, to attach the rein thereto:] when the ring is of hair, it is termed خِزَامَةٌ; (As, S, Msb;) and when of wood, خِشَاشٌ: (Msb:) Aboo-' Alee mentions, and explains in like manner, ↓ بَرْوَةٌ and بُرًى; [the latter as pl. of the former;] but this is extr.: (M:) J says, [in the S,] Aboo-'Alee says that بُرَةٌ is originally بَرْوَةٌ, because it has بُرًى for a pl., like as قَرْيَة has قُرًى; but Aboo-' Alee does not say this; he only desires to show that the final radical letter of بُرَةٌ is و by the fact that بَرْوَةٌ is a dial. var. thereof: (IB, TA:) some, however, remarking upon J's saying that the original of بَرَةٌ is بَرْوَةٌ, assert that it is correctly ↓ بُرْوَةٌ: (TA:) بُرَةٌ also signifies an anklet: (M, K:) or any ring; such as a bracelet and an earring and an anklet and the like of these: (S:) the pl. (in the former and the latter senses, M, TA) is بُرَاتٌ, (S, M, K,) in [some of] the copies of the K erroneously written بُرَاةٌ, (TA,) and بُرًى, (T, S, M,) and بُرُونَ, contr. to analogy, (Msb,) or بُرِينَ (T, S, M, K, [in all of which, except the last, this is in the accus. or the gen. case, but, as it is the nom. case in the K, it may be that بُرُونَ and بُرِينَ are dial. vars., like سِنُونَ and سِنِينَ,]) and بُرِينَ. (M, K: [in a copy of the former of which, accord. to the TT, بُرِىٌّ and بِرِىٌّ are put in the place of the last two of these pls.]) بَرًا, or بَرًى, Dust, or earth: (Fr, S, M, Msb, K, mentioned in the M and K in art. برى:) whence بَرَاهُ, [if not originally بَرَأَهُ,] meaning “He (i. e. God) created him.” (Fr, S.) Hence the saying, بِفِيهِ البَرَا, or البَرَى, [In his mouth be dust, or earth], (S, M,) a form of imprecation against a man. (M.) بَرْوَةٌ Cuttings, chips, parings, or the like, of a reed for writing, and of a stick, or piece of wood, and of soap, and the like. (TA.) A2: See also بُرَةٌ.

بُرْوَةٌ: see بُرَةٌ.

البَرِيَّةٌ The creation; as meaning the beings, or things, that are created; or, particularly, mankind; syn. الخَلْقُ: originally with ء: (S:) but not pronounced with ء: (IAth, TA in art. برى:) or, accord. to Fr, if from بَرًا, or بَرًى, i. e. “dust,” or “earth,” it is originally without ء: pl. بَرَايَا and بَرِيَّاتٌ. (S.) مُبْرَاةٌ A she-camel (T, S) having a [ring such as is termed] بُرَة put in her nose: (T, S, K:) pl. مُبْرَيَاتٌ. (TA in art. عرف.) بُرَةٌ مَبْرُوَّةٌ (T, M, K) A بُرَة made, or manufactured. (T, TA.)
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