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2 تَبْصِيلٌ The act of stripping, or divesting; [like as when one strips an onion (بَصَلَة) of its coats;] (K;) as also ↓ تَبَصُّلٌ. (Fr, K.) You say, بَصَّلْتُ الرَّجُلَ عِنْ ثِيَابِهِ [and ↓ تَبَصَّلْتُهُ] I stripped the man of his clothes. (TA.) 5 تبصّل It (a thing) was, or became, several fold, or many fold, like the coats of the بَصَل [or onion]. (Z, TA.) See also مُتَبّصِّلٌ.

A2: It is also trans.: see 2, in two places. b2: [Hence,] تَبَصَّلُوهُ (assumed tropical:) They begged of him so much that all that he had became exhausted. (Sgh, K.) بَصَلٌ [The onion; allium cepa: or onions, collectively:] what it signifies is well known: n. un. with ة. (S, M, Msb, K.) Hence the prov., أَكْسَى

مِنَ البَصَلِ [Having more coats, or coverings, than the onion]. (TA.) b2: [Also Any kind of bulb, or bulbous plant.] بَصَلُ الزَّعْفَرَانِ [The bulb of the saffron], which is buried in the ground, is like the بَصَل [or onion] commonly known. (Mgh.) بَصَل الفَأْرِ is the same as الإِسْقِيلُ and الإِسْقَالُ and العُنْصَلُ, (K in art. سقل,) also written العُنْصُلُ, (K in art. عصل,) or بَصَلُ العنصل, (KL voce زيزٌ, [and so as written by Golius,]) [Scilla, or squill; particularly scilla maritima, or officinal squill; called by all these names, except, perhaps, السقال, in the present day;] also called زِيزٌ, and البَصَلُ البَرِّىُّ [the wild onion; but from what follows, it seems that there is a confusion here]. (KL ubi suprà.) بَصَلُ الذِّئْبِ, and بصل الزير, (Golius on the authority of Zeyn El-Attár,) or بصل الرند, (so in the TA in art. بلبس,) i. q. بلبوس Bulbus esculentus, (Golius, from Zeyn El-Attár,) or البَلْبُوس, with fet-h, [thus generally written, though it would seem to be correctly بُلْبُوس,] the leaves of which resemble those of the سَذَاب [or rue]: (TA in art. بلبس:) the بَلْبُوس is the wild onion (in Pers. پِيَازْ صَحْرَائِى). (KL voce بلبوس. [This last assertion suggests that الزير and الرند may be mistranscriptions for الزِّيز; the زيز mentioned before.]) [بَصَلُ القىْءَ Bulbus vomitorius; mentioned by Golius; and by Dioscorides, (l. ii. c. 201,) as being emetic and diuretic.] b3: Also, (K,) or بَصَلَةٌ, (M,) (tropical:) A helmet (M, K) of iron, (K,) pointed in the middle; so called as being likened to what is first mentioned above. (M.) Lebeed likens helmets to بَصَل. (S.) مُتَبَصِّلٌ (ISh, K) and ↓ ذُو تَبَصُّلٍ (ISh, TA) A covering of any kind (قِشْرٌ) consisting of many coats; thick; (ISh, K;) like the coats of the بَصَل [or onion]. (ISh, TA.)
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