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بَصَّ, aor. يَبِصُّ, inf. n. بَصِيصٌ (S, A, K) and بَصٌّ, (TA,) It (a thing, S, as, for instance, a grain of a pomegranate, TA) shone, or glistened. (S, A, K.) b2: هُوَ يَبُصُّ لِى, [He looks at me] is an expression used by the vulgar [in the present day], and is from البَصَّاصَةُ signifying “ the eye. ” (TA.) [By rule it should be يَبِصُّ.]2 بصّص بِسَيْفِهِ He made a sign with his sword, waving it, or moving it about [so that it shone, or glistened] (TA.) R.Q.1 بَصْبَصَ, (S, K,) or بَصْبَصَ بِذَنَبِهِ, (M,) inf. n. بَصْبَصَةٌ, (TA,) He (a dog, S, M, K, and a beast of prey, and a gazelle, and a camel when urged on by the driver's singing, TA) wagged, or moved about, his tail; (S, K;) which a dog does by reason of cupidity, or fear; (TA;) as also ↓ تَبَصْبَصَ: (S:) or he (a dog) struck with his tail. (ISd.) The inf. n. بَصْبَصَةٌ has a pl., namely, بَصَابِصُ; as in the following ex.: حَتَّى إِذَا أَبْصَرْنَهُ وَ عَلِمْنَهُ حَيَّيْنَهُ بِبَصَابِصِ الأَذْنَابِ [Until, when they see him and know him, they greet him with waggings of the tails]. (TA.) It is said in a prov., respecting the flight and submissiveness of the coward, بَصْبَصْنَ إِذْ حُدِيْنَ بِالأَذْنَابِ [They wagged the tails when they were urged on by the driver's singing]. (As.) A2: بَصْبَصَتِ الإِبِلُ قَرَبَهَا The camels performed quickly their nightjourney to water. (K.) [See بَصْبَاصٌ.] R. Q. 2 تَبَصْبَصَ: see R. Q. 1.

بَصٌّ, and بَصُّ نَارٍ, Live coals; because they shine, or glisten: n. un. with ة: so in the present day; but probably only post-classical: or, accord. to the TA, in art. بصو, the word بَصَّةٌ is used by the vulgar, for بَصْوَةٌ.]

بَصَّاصٌ [Shining, or glistening: or rather, shining, or glistening, much]. b2: [Hence,] البَصَّاصَةُ The eye: (S A, K:) an epithet in which the quality of a subst. predominates: (TA:) said to be so called (TA) because it shines, or glistens. (K, TA.) b3: [And hence بَصَّاصٌ is applied in the present day to An officer employed as an inspector by a police-magistrate.]

بُصَّانٌ a name of [The month afterwards called]

رَبِيعٌ الآخِرُ: the former was its name in the Time of Ignorance: thus it is written accord. to the Jm: [or it was called, or was also called, وَبْصَانُ, and وُبْصَانِ: (see art. وبص:) or وَبُصَانٌ, and وَ بِصَانٌ: (see art. بصن:)] the author of the K mentions it in art.بصن; [where it is said to be also written بُصَانٌ, i. e., without teshdeed;] but this is its proper place, for it is from البَصِيصُ [inf. n. of بَصَّ]. (TA.) قَرَبٌ بَصْبَاصٌ, (T, K,) or خِمْسٌ بَصْبَاصٌ, (S,) A laborious, (T, S, K,) fatiguing, (T,) nightjourney to water, (T, K,) or journey in which the second and third and fourth days are without water; in which is no flagging: (S:) [as also صَبْصَابٌ.] b2: يَوْمٌ بَصْبَاصٌ A vehemently-hot day. (TA.)
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