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1 بَضَضْتَ, and بَضِضْتَ, (S, TA,) and بَضُضْتَ also, (accord. to one copy of the S,) [third pers., accord. to rule, بَضَّ, (accord. to Golius and Freytag بَضَضَ or بَضِضَ, but these are irregular forms, and not admissible without authority,) aor. , accord. to rule, of the first يَبِضُّ, and of the second يَبَضُّ, and of the third يَبُضُّ,] inf. n. بَضَاضَةٌ and بُضَوضَةٌ, (S, TA,) Thou (O man) wast, or becamest, such as is termed بَضٌّ; i. e. thin-shinned and plump; &c.: (S:) or very white or fair, with fatness: or delicate and clear in complexion, and such that the least thing made a mark, or an impression, upon thee. (TA.) A2: بَضَّ المَآءُ, aor. يَبِضُّ, inf. n. بَضِيضٌ (S, K) and بُضُوضٌ and بَضٌّ, (K,) The water flowed by little and little: (S, K:) or exuded upon a rock or the ground. (TA.) And بَضَّتِ الرَّكِيَّةُ, and بَضَّتْ بِمَائِهَا, The well had, or yielded, little water; or its water became little. (TA.) It is said in a trad. respecting Tabook, وَالعَيْنُ تَبِضُّ بِشَىْءٍ مِنَ المَآءِ [The source, or spring, yielding scantily somewhat of water]. (TA.) and you say, بَضَّتِ العَيْنُ, aor. as above, inf. n. بَضٌّ and بَضِيضٌ, The eye shed tears. (TA.) And, of a man when you characterise him as patient under affliction, مَا تَبِضُّ عَيْنُهُ [His eye does not shed tears]. (TA.) And بَضَّتِ الحَلَمَةُ The nipple streamed with milk. (TA.) It is said in a trad., مَا تَبِضُّ بِبَلَالٍ Having no milk dropping from it, or her. (TA.) And in another trad., سَقَطَ مِنَ الفَرَسِ فَإِذَا هُوَ جَالِسٌ وَعُرْضُ وَجْهِهِ يَبِضُّ مَآءً أَصْفَرَ [He fell from the horse, and lo, he was sitting, with the side of his face exuding yellow water]. (TA.) One should not say, بَضَّ السِّقَآءُ, nor القِرْبَةُ: but some say so, urging the authority of Ru-beh. (S.) And you say of a stone, and the like, بَضَّ, aor. as above, meaning Water flowed from it like sweat; water oozed from it. (TA.) b2: Hence the saying, مَا يَبِضُّ حَجَرُهُ (assumed tropical:) No good is obtained from him; (TA;) i. q. مَا تَنْدَى صَفَاتُهُ: (S:) a prov. applied to the niggardly. (S, K.) [Hence also,] بَضَّ لَهُ, [aor., accord. to the TA, يَبُضُّ, but this is evidently a mistake,] (assumed tropical:) He gave him a little; as also له ↓ ابضّ, (Sh, K,) inf. n. إِبْضَاضٌ: (TA:) and بَضَّ لَهُ بِشَىْءٍ (assumed tropical:) He did him a small benefit; as also نَضَّ. (As.) 4 ابضّ لَهُ: see 1, last sentence.5 تَبَضَّضْتُهُ I took everything belonging to him. (Ibn-'Abbád, K.) b2: تَبَضَّضْتُ حَقِّى مِنْهُ I took the whole of my right, or due, from him by little and little: (S, K:) [as also تَنَضَّضْتُهُ مِنْهُ.]10 خُذْ مَا اسْتَبَضَّ Take thou what is easily attainable; what offers itself without difficulty. (AA, TA in art. ندب.) بَضٌّ A man thin-skinned, or fine-skinned, and plump: (S:) or a man having a thin, or fine, and plump, skin, upon which the least thing makes a mark, or an impression: (Mgh:) or a man (As) soft, or tender, in body; not particularly implying whiteness: (As, S:) or soft, or tender, in body, thin-skinned, or fine-skinned, and plump: (K:) fem. with ة; (S, K, &c.;) signifying a girl, (S,) or a woman, thin-skinned, or fine-skinned, and soft, or tender, or delicate, (TA,) if tawny or white: (S, TA:) or soft, or tender, in body; not particularly implying whiteness: (As, S:) or fleshy and white: (AA:) or thin-skinned, or fine-skinned, in whom the blood appears [through the skin]: (Lh:) or soft, or tender, or delicate, compact in flesh, and very white or fair in complexion: (Lth:) and ↓ بَضِيضَةٌ and ↓ بَاضَّةٌ and ↓ بَضْبَاضَةٌ, applied to a girl, signify the same as بَضَّةٌ; (K, TA;) compact in flesh, plump, or soft and thin-skinned and plump, with a very white or fair complexion: (TA:) and ↓ بَضَاضٌ also is syn. with بَضَّةٌ, applied to a woman. (TA.) بَضَضٌ Little water. (S, K.) بَضَاضٌ: see بَضٌّ, at the end of the paragraph.

بِئْرٌ بَضُوضٌ, (K,) or رَكِيَّةٌ بَضُوضٌ, (S,) A well having little water: (S:) or of which the water comes forth by little and little: (K:) pl., in some copies of the K, بِضَاضٌ: in others, بَضَائِضُ. (TA.) مَا فِى السِّقَآءَ بُضَاضَةٌ, (K,) or بُضَاضَةٌ مِنْ مَاءٍ, (TA,) and ↓ بَضِيضَةٌ, (K,) There is not in the skin [even so much as] a small quantity of water: (K, TA:) from Aboo-Sa'eed. (TA.) بَضِيضَةٌ: see بَضٌّ, near the end of the paragraph.

A2: Rain little in quantity. (Sgh, K.) b2: See also بُضَاضَةٌ.

A3: A thing which the hand possesses. (K.) You say, أَخْرَجْتُ لَهُ بَضِيضَتِى I produced to him what my hand possessed. (TA.) بَضْبَاضَةٌ: see بَضٌّ, near the end of the paragraph.

بَاضَّةٌ: see بَضٌّ, near the end of the paragraph.

مَا فِى البِئْرِ بَاضُوضٌ There is not any moisture in the well. (Ibn-'Abbád, K.) هُوَ أَبَضُّ النَّاسِ He is the most delicate, or fine, in complexion, of men, and the most beautiful of them in external skin. (TA.)
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