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1 بَعَقَ, (TA,) [aor. بَعَقَ,] inf. n. بُعَاقٌ, (Lth, K, TA,) said of a man, and a camel, &c., (TA,) He uttered a vehement sound, or cry. (Lth, * K, * TA.) A2: Also, inf. n. as above, said of a vehement rain, descending in large drops, It clave, or furrowed, the ground, and made it to flow. (K, * TA.) b2: And, inf. n. بَعْقٌ, He stabbed, or stuck, a camel in the نَحْر, or throat, or uppermost part of the breast, (K, TA,) making the blood to flow; (TA;) and (TA) so ↓ بعّق. (A'Obeyd, S, L, TA, all of which, except the last, mention only the latter verb in this sense.) b3: Also, (K,) inf. n. بَعْقٌ, (TA,) He dug a well. (Z, K.) b4: بَعْقٌ also signifies The act of slitting, ripping, or rending; like بَعْجٌ: (TA:) and ↓ تَبْعِيقٌ the same; (S;) or the doing so much. (K.) Yousay, زِقَّ الخَمْرِ ↓ بَعَّقْتُ, inf. n. تَبْعِيقٌ, I slit, or ripped, or rent, the wine-skin. (S.) b5: بَعَقَةُ عَنْ كَذَا, (K,) inf. n. بَعْقٌ, (TA,) He removed it, took it off, or stripped it off, from over, or before, such a thing, which it covered, or concealed. (Ibn-'Abbád, K.) 2 بَعَّقَ see 1, in three places.5 تَبَعَّقَ see 7, in two places.7 انبعق It came upon one suddenly, unexpectedly, without his knowledge. (S, K, TA.) b2: انبعق المُزْنُ (tropical:) [The clouds, or white clouds, or clouds containing water,] clave asunder, with, or by reason of, rain, or violent rain; syn. اِنْبَعَجَ بِالمَطَرِ; (S, K, TA;) or opened vehemently with rain; (Z, TA;) and ↓ تبعّق signifies the same. (S.) b3: انبعق فُلَانٌ بِالجُودِ وَ الكَرَمِ (tropical:) [Such a one was profuse in bounty and generosity]. (TA.) b4: انبعق فِى الكَلَامِ (S, K) (assumed tropical:) He was profuse in speech; (K, * TA;) as also ↓ تبعّق (K) and ↓ ابتعق. (Sgh, K.) 8 إِبْتَعَقَ see 7.

بَعَاقٌ: see what next follows, in two places.

بُعَاقٌ (assumed tropical:) Clouds (سَحَابٌ) pouring forth [rain] with vehemence. (S.) b2: Also, and ↓ بَعَاقٌ and ↓ بِعَاقٌ and ↓ بَاعِقٌ, (tropical:) Rain coming suddenly, or unexpectedly, with vehemence, in large drops. (K, TA.) جَمُّ البُعَاقِ, in a trad. respecting prayer for rain, means (assumed tropical:) Copious, abundant, extensive rain. (TA.) b3: And ↓ all these four words, (assumed tropical:) A torrent vehemently driving; (K, TA;) that carries away everything. (AHn, TA.) بِعَاقٌ: see بُعَاقٌ, in two places.

بَاعِقٌ: see بُعَاقٌ, in two places.

أَرْضٌ مَبْعُوقَةٌ Land upon which what is termed بُعَاق [i. e. either the rain or torrent so termed] has fallen, or descended. (Nawádir el-Aaráb, TA.)
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