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1 بَغَمَتْ, aor. بَغِمَ (S, K) and بَغَمَ and بَغُمَ, (K,) inf. n. بُغَامٌ (JK, S, K) and بُغُومٌ; (JK, K;) and ↓ تبغّمت; (K;) She (a gazelle) uttered a cry: (S:) or uttered her softest, or gentlest, cry (JK, K) to her young one: (K:) and sometimes it is said of a [wild] cow: (TA:) so too بَغَمَ said of a male gazelle: and the verb is also used transitively, said of a female gazelle uttering this cry to her young one. (JK.) Also, (S, K,) ↓ both verbs, (K,) She (a camel) uttered a cry without clearness: (S:) or uttered a broken, or an interrupted, not a prolonged, yearning cry, to, or for, her young one: (K:) or uttered a weak cry, below that [grumbling cry] which is termed رُغَآء. (Ham p. 233.) [See an ex. in a verse of Dhu-rRummeh cited voce إِلَّا.] And بَغَمَ and ↓ تبغّم said of the ثَيْتَل and إِيَّل and وَعِل, [all of which words are said to signify the mountain goat,] He uttered a cry. (K.) b2: بَغَمَهُ, (S, K,) and بَغَمَ لَهُ, (TA,) (assumed tropical:) He spoke to him obscurely, not expressing clearly to him the meaning of his speech to him; (S, K;) taken from the بُغَام of the she-camel; because it is a cry not uttered clearly. (TA.) 3 بَاْغَمَ باغمهُ, (K,) inf. n. مُبَاغَمَةٌ, (S,) (tropical:) He talked with him with a soft, or gentle, voice: (S, K, TA:) or المُبَاغَمَةٌ is like المُنَاغَمَةُ, and means the speaking [with another] faintly; taken from the بُغَام [see 1] of the gazelle and the she-camel: (Ham p. 233:) or the holding amatory and enticing talk, or conversation, with another, with a soft, or gentle, voice. (TA.) 5 تَبَغَّمَ see 1, in three places.6 تَبَاْغَمَ [تَبَاغَمَتْ They (gazelles) uttered cries, or their softest or gentlest cries, one to another.] One says, مَرَرْتُ بِرَوْضَةٍ تَتَبَاغَمُ فِيهَا الظِّبَآءُ [I passed by a meadow in which the gazelles were uttering cries, &c., one to another]: and بِغِزْلَانٍ يَتَبَاغَمْنَ [by gazelles uttering cries, &c., one to another]. (TA.) بُغْمَةٌ A thing like the قِلَادَة, [a necklace,] with which women ornament themselves. (TA.) [But this is apparently post-classical, from the Turkish بُوغْمَقْ. In the present day, it is applied to A necklace of pearls.]

بُغَامٌ The crying, or cry, of the female gazelle, and of the she-camel, as explained above: see 1. (S.) بَغُومٌ A female gazelle uttering, or that utters, the cry termed بُغَام. (S, K.) b2: (assumed tropical:) A woman having a soft, or gentle, voice. (JK, TA.) مَبْغُومٌ A young gazelle, and a young camel, to which the cry termed بُغَام is addressed by its mother. (JK.) b2: One says, also, بُغَامٌ مَبْغُومٌ [A cry &c. uttered]; like as one says, قَوْلٌ مَقُولٌ. (TA.)
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