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أ1 بَكَأَتْ, aor. بَكَاَ; and بَكُؤَتْ, aor. بَكُاَ; inf. n. بَكْءٌ (S, K) and بُكْءٌ (AZ, TA) and بَكَأَةٌ, or بَكْأَةٌ, (accord. to different copies of the K,) or بَكَآءَةٌ, (as in the O and CK,) and بُكُوْءٌ, (S, K,) which is inf. n. of بَكُؤَ, (S, TA,) as is also that next preceding it, (TA,) and بُكَآءٌ, (AZ, K, TA,) in some copies of the K بُكْءٌ, (TA,) She (a camel, S, K, or a ewe or goat, S) had little milk; her milk became little: (S, K, TA:) or, as some say, her milk ceased, or stopped. (TA.) b2: And [hence,] بَكَأَتْ عَيْنِى (assumed tropical:) My eye had few tears. (TA.) b3: And بَكُؤَ, inf. n. بَكَآءَةٌ, [app. (assumed tropical:) He became poor; had little wealth; being] said of a man. (TA.) [See also 4.] b4: And بَكِئ (assumed tropical:) He failed of attaining the object of his want. (TA.) 4 قَدْ أَبْكَأَ الدَّرَّ, occurring in a verse, [see Ham p. 758,] is asserted by Aboo-Riyásh to mean He (the milker) has found the milk to be little in quantity; like as أَحْمَدَهُ signifies “ he found him to be such as is praised: ” ISd holds that it may signify he has made the milk to be little in quantity [app. by his niggardness]; but he confesses his not having heard the verb used in this sense by any one. (TA.) A2: ابكأ also signifies (assumed tropical:) He (a man) became poor; or in the condition of having little, or no, wealth. (TA.) [See also بَكُؤَ.]

بَكْءٌ [originally inf. n. of 1, q. v.: and hence,] (assumed tropical:) Poverty; or paucity of wealth. (TA.) b2: and (assumed tropical:) Paucity of speech, except as to things requiring speech. (TA.) بَكِىْءٌ and بَكِيْئَةٌ A she-camel, (S, K,) or a ewe or she-goat, (S,) having little milk; whose milk has become little: (S, K, TA:) or, as some say, whose milk has ceased, or stopped: (TA:) pl. بِكَآءٌ (S, K) and بَكَايَا (K.) b2: And [hence,] دَرٌّ بَكِىْءٌ (assumed tropical:) [Milk, or a flow of milk, little in quantity]. (TA.) b3: And رَكِيَّةٌ بَكِيَّةٌ (assumed tropical:) A well of which the water has sunk into the earth; or become low: the latter word having its ء changed into ى to assimilate it to the former. (TA.) b4: And عُيُونٌ بِكَآءٌ (assumed tropical:) Eyes having few tears. (TA.) b5: And أَيْدٍ

بِكَآءٌ (assumed tropical:) Hands of which the gifts are few. (TA.) And رَجُلٌ بَكِىةءٌ (assumed tropical:) [app. A poor man; a man having little wealth: or of few words: or unable to speak: see بَكْءٌ; and see بَكِىٌّ, in art. بكى]: pl. بِكَآءٌ. (TA.)
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