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Q. 1 بَلْقَعَ, (K,) inf. n. بَلْقَعَةٌ, (TA,) It (a country, or region,) was, or became, vacant, or void; destitute of herbage or pasturage, and of human beings, &c. (K.) Q. 3 اِبْلَنْقَعَ It (sorrow, grief, or anxiety, such as is termed كَرْب,) became removed, or cleared away. (K.) b2: It (the dawn) shone, or shone brightly. (K.) b3: It (a thing) appeared, and came forth. (TA.) بَلْقَعٌ and ↓ بَلْقَعَةٌ A land that is vacant, or void; destitute of herbage or pasturage, and of human beings, &c.; (S, K;) in which is nothing: (S:) or the former signifies a vacant, or void, place: (Mgh:) [or instead of using the former alone, you say أَرْضٌ بَلْقَعٌ; for] you say مَنْزِلٌ بَلْقَعٌ [a vacant, or void, place of alighting or abiding], (S, TA,) and دَارٌ بَلْقَعٌ [a vacant, or void, house &c.], without ة, when it is an epithet, (S, TA,) applied to a mase. subst. and to a fem.; (TA;) but if it be a subst., you say, اِنْتَهَيْنَا إِلَى

مَلْسَآءَ ↓ بَلْقَعَةٍ [we came at last to a smooth, vacant, or void, land]: (S, TA:) and ↓ بَلْقَعَةٌ also signifies a land in which are no trees, either in sands or in plain or level tracts: (TA:) or a vacant land, in which is no one, whether there be in it herbage or not, and whether plain or not: (Ham p. 445:] pl. بَلَاقِعُ. (S, Mgh, K.) It is said in a trad., اليَمِينُ الفَاجِرَةُ تَذَرُ (S, Mgh, TA; but in the second and third of these, in the place of تَذَرُ, we find تَدَعُ;) The false oath causes the places of abode to become void, or vacant; i. e., by reason of its evil influence, the possessions and their possessors perish; (Mgh;) or the [false] swearer becomes poor, and the property that was in his house goes away; (Sh;) or God renders him in a state of disunion, and changes the blessings which He had conferred upon him: (TA:) accord. to another relation, the words of the trad. are اليَمِينُ الغَمُوسُ الخ. (Mgh.) You say also, دِيَارٌ بَلْقَعٌ [Vacant, or void, places of abode]; as though the places were one place: (TA:) and Ru-beh says, فَأَصْبَحَتْ دَارَهُمُ بَلَاقِعَا [And their abode became vacant]: (TA:) and it is said in a trad., أَصْبَحَتِ الأَرْضُ بَلَاقِعَ [as though meaning the land became altogether vacant]; the pl. being used to render the meaning intensive, as in the phrases أَرْضٌ سَبَاسِبُ and ثَوْبٌ أَخْلَاقٌ; (IAth, TA;) or because every portion thereof is considered as being بلقع. (TA.) b2: Also, without ة and ↓ with ة, (tropical:) A woman devoid of every good quality. (K, TA.) b3: IF says that the ل in بَلْقَعٌ is augmentative. (TA.) بَلْقَعَةٌ: see بَلْقَعٌ, in four places.

بَلْقَعِىٌّ An arrow, or a spear-head, bright, or free from rust, in the point. (K.) صَلَنْقَعٌ بَلَنْقَعٌ is an expression applied to A road [as though meaning made bare by the feet of men and beasts]. (I 'Abbád, K.)
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