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Q. 1 بَنْدَقَ He made a thing into بَنَادِق [meaning bullets, or little balls], (Mgh, K,) or like بنادق (TA.) A2: [In post-classical Arabic, He shot a bullet, or bullets, from a cross-bow or other weapon.] b2: بندق إِلَيْهِ (assumed tropical:) He looked sharply, or intently, at him, or it. (Ibn-'Abbád, K.) بُنْدُقٌ [The hazel-nut; or hazel-nuts; so in the present day;] a certain thing that is eaten; (Msb;) i. q. جِلَّوْز: (IDrd, K:) or, as some say, like جلّوز; brought from an island; the best whereof is the fresh, heavy, white, and sweet in taste; the old being bad: it is beneficial as a remedy for palpitation, parched with anise-seed; and for poisons, and wasting of the kidneys, and burning of the urine; and with pepper, it excites the venereal faculty; with sugar, it removes cough; and the shell thereof, burnt, and applied as a collyrium, sharpens the sight: (TA:) they assert that the suspending it upon the upper arm preserves from scorpions, (K,) i. e., from their stinging: (TA:) the moistening of the top of the head of a child with the powder of it when burnt, together with oil, removes the blueness of its eyes and the redness of its hair: and the Indian kind thereof is an antidote very beneficial to the eyes: (K, TA:) but in some copies of the K, [and so in the CK,] instead of لِلْعَيْنَيْنِ, we here find لِلْعِنِّينِ [for the impotent in respect of the venereal faculty]: (TA:) [it is said in the Msb that most hold the ن to be augmentative: but this is not the case; for] the word is Persian [arabicized, from فُنْدُقْ]: (K:) [it is a coll. gen. n.:] n. un. with ة: pl. بَنَادِقُ. (Msb.) b2: [Hence, Bullets, i. e.] certain things that one shoots, (S, Msb, K,) made of clay: (Msb:) n. un. with ة: (S, Msb, K:) the latter signifies a piece of clay, made round, which one shoots, or casts; or i. q. جُلَاهِقٌ: (Mgh:) it is said in the Shifá el-Ghaleel to be an arabicized word: (TA:) pl. as above. (S, Msb.) [See a prov. voce حِدَأَةٌ. Hence قَوْسُ البُنْدُقِ The crossbow. In modern Arabic, بُنْدُق is also applied to Balls of any kind of the size of hazel-nuts: n. un. with ة.]

بُنْدُقِىٌّ A garment, or piece of cloth, of fine, delicate, or thin, linen. (Sgh, K.) [SM says,] It is most probably, in my opinion, so called in relation to the land of البُنْدُقِيَّة [or Venice]. (TA.) [In modern Arabic, A Venetian sequin: pl. بَنَادِقَةٌ.]

بُنْدَقَانِىٌّ [app. a post-classical word,] A maker of cross-bows (قِسِىّ البُنْدُق). (El-Makreezee's Khitat, art. خطّ البندقانيّين.)
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