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1 بَنَقَ, (K,) aor. بَنُقَ, inf. n. بَنْقٌ, (TK,) He joined [a thing to another thing, like as the بَنِيقَة of a shirt is joined: see the pass. part. n., below]; syn. وَصَلَ. (K.) 2 بنّق القَمِيصَ, inf. n. تَبْنِيقٌ, He put a بَنِيقَة to the shirt. (K.) b2: بنّق الجَعْبَةَ (tropical:) He made the upper part of the quiver wide [by adding to it the like of a بَنِيقَة (see the pass. part. n., below,)], and the lower part narrow: (K, TA:) or he widened its upper part, the lower part being [or remaining] narrow. (JK.) بِنَقٌ: see what next follows.

بِنَقَةٌ: see what next follows.

بِنَيقٌ: see what next follows.

بِنَيقَةٌ The لِبْنَة, (AZ, Abu-l-Hajjáj El-Aalam, JK, S, K,) or دِخْرِصَة, (Abu-l-'Abbás El-Ahwal, TA,) [both of which signify the gore,] of a shirt, (AZ, S, K,) or of a garment; (JK;) or the دخرصة is longer than the لبنة: (Seer, TA:) and any piece that is added in a garment or a leathern bucket to widen it: (Abu-l-Hajjáj ElAalam, TA:) or, accord. to IDrd, the دخاريص of a shirt: (TA: [but this is app. a mistranscription for its sing. دِخْرِيص, q. v., a dial. var. of دِخْرِصَة:]) or the جُرُبَّان [or opening at the neck and bosom] of a shirt: (K:) جربّان is prefixed to البنيقة in a verse of Jereer, governing the latter in the gen. case, to show that both these words have the same meaning: (TA:) ↓ بِنَقَةٌ, also, signifies the same as بنيقة; (JK, K; [in the latter of which it is mentioned in such a manner as perhaps to denote that it has only the last of the significations above; but I think that this restriction is not meant;]) and its pl. [or rather the coll. gen. n.] is ↓ بِنَقٌ: (Ibn-'Abbád, TA:) Th mentions بَنَائِقٌ and بِنَقٌ, and says that the latter is a pl. pl. ; [i. e., pl. of the former;] but this is unintelligible: (TA:) بَنَائِقٌ is pl. of بَنِيقَةٌ, (JK, S, &c.,) and syn. with دَخَارِيصٌ. (JK.) AZ cites, from Mejnoon, كَمَا ضَمَّ أَزْرَارَ القَمِيصِ البَنَائِقٌ (S, IB,) which is an inverted phrase; the meaning being, كَمَا ضَمَّ أَزْرَارُ القَمِيصِ البَنَائِقَا [Like as the buttons of the shirt draw together the gores: if the last word mean the gores]: or, if the بنيقة of the shirt be really its جربّان, the meaning is intelligible [without inversion]; for its جربّان is the part around the neck, upon which are sewed the buttons; and when one desires to draw it together, he puts its buttons into the loops, and so draws together the bosom [of the shirt, with its buttons,] to the uppermost part of the chest. (IB, TA.) Aboo-'Amr Esh-Sheybánee explains البنائق, here, as meaning the loops into which the buttons are inserted; and accord. to this explanation the meaning is plain, not requiring the supposition of inversion nor of deviation from the usual way: but the first explanation is that which is generally given. (TA.) In the saying, ↓ قَدْ أَغْتَدِى وَ الدَّهْرُ ذُو بَنِيقِ [in the last word of which, ة is elided; lit., Sometimes I go forth early in the morning, when the time has a بَنِيقَة;] Lth says that the whiteness of the dawn is likened to the whiteness of the بنيقة; citing another verse, in which a shirt is described as having white بنائق. (TA.) جَعْبَةٌ مُبنَّقَةٌ (tropical:) A quiver that is widened: (Ibn-'Abbád, TA:) or in the upper part of which is added what resembles a بَنِيقَة, to enlarge it. (A, TA.) b2: طَرِيقٌ مُبَنَّقٌ (tropical:) A wide road. (TA.) أَرْضٌ مَبْنُوقَةٌ (assumed tropical:) Land joined (مَوْصُولَة) to other land, like as the بَنِيقَة of a shirt is joined. (ISd, TA.) And مَفَازَةٌ مَبْنُوقَةٌ, (JK,) or مَبْنُوقَةٌ بِأُخْرَى, (TA,) (tropical:) [A desert, or a desert in which is no water, &c.,] joined to another. (JK, TA.)
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