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1 بَاشَ, aor. يَبُوشُ, inf. n. بَوْشٌ, He mixed, or confounded. (Fr.) See also شَابَ, in art. شوب. b2: He associated with بَوْش, meaning, people of the lowest or basest or meanest sort. (IAar.) b3: بَاشُوا, (K,) inf. n. as above, (A, K,) They (mixed people, A, K, of the lowest or basest or meanest sort, TA) cried out, or vociferated; or did so calling for aid or succour; or in distress and impatience; or in fear. (A, K.) 2 بوّشوا, inf. n. تَبْوِيشٌ, They became mixed, or confused: (K:) or numerous, and mixed or confused: (TA:) and ↓ تبوّشوا signifies the same. (K.) 5 تَبَوَّشَ see 2.

بَوْشٌ A mixed or confused assembly or company: (A, K:) or an assembly, or a company, of mixed or confused people: (S:) or only of different tribes: or a multitude of men: as also ↓ بُوشٌ, in these several senses: (K:) and, accord. to the women of Temeem, of beasts also: (Aboo-'Adnán, TA in art. هوش:) or people of the lowest or basest or meanest sort: (IAar:) or a family, or household: (ISd:) and [it is said by F that] it also signifies sons of the same father, when assembled together: (K:) resembling a contr. signification to that mentioned above, which restricts the application to such as are of different tribes: but it is said in the O, that بَنُو الاباء, [app. a mistake for بَنُو الأَبِ, meaning sons of the same father,] when assembled together, are not called by this name: (TA:) أَوْبَاشٌ is a pl. of this word, formed by transposition. (S.) You say, جَاؤُوا فِى هَوْشٍ وَ بَوْشٍ

They came in assemblage and multitude. (A.) And جَآءَ مِنَ النَّاسِ الهَوْشُ وَ البَوْشُ The multitude of the people came: (AZ:) or the assembly and family or household. (ISd.) And تَرَكْتُهُمْ هَوْشًا بَوْشًا I left them [in great numbers and] in confusion. (K.) And ↓ بَوْشٌ بَائِشٌ, (S, K,) or ↓ بَائِشٌ ↓ بُوشٌ, (CK,) [app. A numerous, or large, assembly of mixed or confused people.] And ↓ جَآءَ بِالبَوْشِ البَائِشِ He came with multitude, or the multitude. (TA.) بُوشٌ: see بَوْشٌ, in three places.

بَوْشِىٌّ A poor man having a numerous family or household: (S, K:) or having a family or household: (Aboo-Sa'eed:) and one of the baser and common sort of men: as also ↓ بُوشِىٌّ. (K.) بُوشِىٌّ: see what next precedes.

بَائِشٌ: see بَوْشٌ, in three places.
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