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4 اتحفهُ بِهِ [He presented him with it; or gave it to him as a تُحْفَة, q. v.]: (S, Msb:) and اتحفهُ تُحْفَةً [He made a present to him; or gave him a تُحْفَة; and so اتحفهُ alone, as in an ex. cited voce أَتْفَحَ]: (K, TA:) i. q. أَطْرَفَهُ بِتُحْفَةٍ

[which properly means He presented him with a novel, or rare, and pleasing present; or a gift not given to any one before; or a gift of which he (the recipient) did not possess the like, and which pleased him]: and ↓ اِتَّحَفَهُ signifies the same as أَتْحَفَهُ. (TA.) 8 اِتَّحَفَهُ: see above. [Perhaps originally اِوْتَحَفَهُ: see what follows.]

تُحْفَةٌ and تُحَفَةٌ (S, Msb, K, &c.) i. q. بِرٌّ [as meaning A gratuitous gift, or favour; or a bounty, or benefit]; and لَطَفٌ [meaning a present; i. e. a thing sent to another in token of courtesy or honour]; (K;) in some copies of the K, لُطْف; (TA;) [i. e.] التحفة signifies مَا أَتْحَفْتَ بِهِ الرَّجُلَ مِنَ البِرِّ وَاللَّطَفِ; (S;) or [simply] مَا أَتْحَفْتَ بِهِ غَيْرَكَ: (Msb:) and a طُرْفَة [which properly signifies a gift not given to any one before; or of which the recipient did not possess the like, and which pleases him;] (K, TA;) of fruit, and of sweet-smelling flowers: (TA:) [it generally means simply a present; or a rare, or pleasing, or rare and pleasing, present:] pl. تُحَفٌ. (S, K.) Accord. to some, it is originally وُحْفَةٌ: (K, TA:) Az says that its ت is originally و: (Msb:) and تَوَحَّفَ is quasi-pass. of أَتْحَفَهُ: (Lth, TA:) so that it should be mentioned in art. وحف: (K, TA:) being like تُهَمَةٌ and تُخَمَةٌ &c. (TA.) It is said in a trad., تُحْفَةُ الصَّائِمِ الدُّهْنُ وَ المِجْمَرُ [The pleasing present for the faster is oil, and aloes-wood or the like]; i. e., these dispel from him the grievousness and distress occasioned by the fasting. (TA.) And in another, respecting dates, تُحْفَةُ الكَبِيرِ وَصُمْتَةُ الصَّغِيرِ [i. e. The date is the pleasing gift for the big, or full-grown, or old, and the quieter of the little one, or child]. (TA.) And in another, تُحْفَةُ المُؤْمِنِ المَوْتُ [The boon for the believer is death]. (TA.)
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