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Q. 1 تَرْجَمَهُ, (S in art. رجم, and Msb and K in the present art.,) and تَرْجَمَ عَنْهُ, (K,) inf. n. تَرْجَمَةٌ, (KL,) He interpreted it, (S, Msb, KL, K,) or explained it in another language; (S, Msb, KL;) namely, the speech, or language, (S, Msb, K,) of another person: (Msb:) or, as some say, translated it from one language into another: (TA:) and he explained it; namely, his own speech. (Msb.) [This verb is essentially the same in Arabic, Chaldee, and Ethiopic.] b2: تَرْجَمَهُ, inf. n. as above, also signifies He wrote his life; wrote a biography, or biographical notice, of him. (TA, passim; and other works of post-classical times.) b3: Accord. to the K, the ت in this verb is a radical: but see تَرْجُمَانٌ, below. (TA.) تَرْجَمَةٌ [inf. n. of the verb above: used as a simple subst., An interpretation: a translation: pl. تَرَاجِمُ. b2: Also] A life, or biography, or biographical notice, of any person: pl. as above. (TA, passim; and other works of post-classical times.) b3: And An article, a head, chapter, section, or paragraph, of a book. (TA, passim; and other works of post-classical times.) تَرْجُمَانٌ and تُرْجُمَانٌ and تَرْجَمَانٌ, (S in art. رجم, and Msb and K in the present art.,) of which three dial. vars. the first is the best, (Msb,) and is that which commonly obtains, (TA,) An interpreter; (S, Msb, K;) an explainer of speech in another language: (S, Msb:) [a translator: (see the verb, above:)] pl. تَرَاجِمُ and تَرَاجِمَةٌ; which latter favours the opinion of those who hold the word to be of foreign origin. (S, Msb.) The ت and م are [said to be] radicals; but J makes the ت to be augmentative, and ترجمان is mentioned in the T [as well as in the S] in art. رجم, though the author of the T has mentioned the verb among quadriliteral-radical words; and there is a reason [for deriving it from رَجَمَ], for one says لِسَانٌ يَرْجُمُ meaning “ a tongue that is chaste, or perspicuous, and copious, in speech: ”

most, however, hold the ت to be a radical. (Msb.) It is said in the K that the verb shows the ت to be radical; whereas J and AHei and IKt hold it to be augmentative; but there is a difference of opinion whether it be from الرَّجْمُ بِالحِجَارَةِ [the throwing stones], or from الرَّجْمُ بِالغَيْبِ [the conjecturing, or speaking conjecturally]; and also whether it be Arabic, or arabicized from درغمان [a word which I do not know in Persian nor in any other language]: (MF, TA:) if arabicized, the present is its proper place. (TA.) مُتَرْجَمٌ [Interpreted: or translated. b2: And also The subject of a biography, or biographical notice. b3: And] (assumed tropical:) Confused, or dubious. (Har p. 537.)
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