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Q. Q. 1 تَرْقَيْتُهُ, (ISk, JK, S, K,) inf. n. تَرْقَاةٌ, (ISk, S, K,) I hit, or hurt, his (a man's, ISk, JK, S) تَرْقُوَة [or collar-bone]. (ISk, JK, S, K.) تَرْقُوَةٌ The collar-bone; the bone between the pit at the uppermost part of the chest and the shoulder, (JK, S, Mgh, K,) on either side, connecting those two parts, (JK, Mgh,) of a man &c.; (TA;) each of the two prominent bones in the uppermost part of the chest, from the head of each shoulder to the edge of the pit above mentioned: (TA in art. ترب:) [and sometimes, as in a phrase which see below,] the fore part of the حَلْق [here app. meaning the throat], at the uppermost part of the chest, the place into which the soul [for النَّفَسُ, in copies of the K, I read النَّفْسُ] rises [when one is at the point of death]: (K in art. رقو:) pl. تراقٍ (JK, Mgh, K) and ترائِق; (JK, K;) the latter formed by transposition: (JK:) Fr says that the latter pl. is used by some for the former: (TA:) the sing. is of the measure فَعْلُوَةٌ, (JK, S, K,) as is shown by the verb mentioned above, (K,) though it is repeated in the K in art. رقو: (TA:) one should not say تُرْقُوَةٌ, with damm to the ت. (S K.) إِذَا بَلَغَتِ التَّرَاقِىَ, in the Kur lxxv. 26, means When it (the soul) reaches the uppermost parts of the chest; [or, the parts of the throat next the chest;] for النَّفْسُ is understood: (Bd:) said when one is at the point of death. (TA.) تِرْيَاقٌ, an arabicized word, (S, Msb, K,) from the Greek, (Msb, K,) [i. e. from

θηριακὰ,] or originally Persian, (S, O,) also written and pronounced دِرْيَاقٌ, (JK, Msb,) and طِرْيَاقٌ; (Msb;) or, as some say, from الرِّيقُ, because containing the spittle of serpents, and, if so, it is Arabic [in origin]: (Msb:) [Theriac; also called treacle;] an antidote for poisons; (S, O;) a certain compound medicine, (K,) comprising many ingredients, at most ninety or ninety-six, and at least sixty-four, (TA,) sometimes including the flesh of vipers, (K, TA,) and that of asses, which cause it to be prohibited and impure, or, as some say, it is prohibited without restriction: (TA:) it is a remedy against the bite or sting of rapacious venomous reptiles and the like, and poisonous potions: (K: [I omit some unprofitable and absurd particulars respecting the compounds thus termed, in the K and other lexicons &c.:]) pl. تَرَايِيقُ. (K in art. فرق.) The best kind is called التِّرْيَاقُ الفَارُوقُ, (K in art. فرق,) vulgarly تِرْيَاقٌ فَارُوقِىٌّ. (TA in that art.) [A principal ingredient of this kind is the best sort of Jews-pitch, i. e. asphaltum, also called mumia, and in Arabic مُومِيَا:) (see De Sacy's “ Rel. de l'Égypte par Abdallatif,” ” p. 274:) and this mumia, by itself, is called التِّرْيَاقُ التُّرْكِىُّ.] b2: [It is sometimes applied to Treacle, as meaning the sirop that drains from sugar.] It is also said to be applied to the فَادْزَهْر [or Bezoar-stone], likewise termed مَسُوسٌ. (TA in art. مس.) b3: Also, and ↓ تِرْيَاقَةٌ, (assumed tropical:) Wine; (S, O, K;) because it dispels anxiety; (S;) or because it is a remedy for anxieties; (O;) wherefore it is also termed صَابُونُ الهُمُومِ. (TA.) تِرْيَاقَةٌ: see the last sentence above. [بَاذِنْجَانُ تِرْيَاقِىٌّ Zanthium.]
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