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تَلْعَةٌ High, or elevated, land or ground: (AO, S, K:) and low, or depressed, land or ground: (AO, S, Msb, K:) thus bearing two contr. significations, (S, K,) accord. to AO: (S:) or it has not these significations, but means a water-course from the upper part of a valley to its lower part; therefore sometimes its upper part is described [by this name], and sometimes its lower part; (IAar, IB, TA:) or it has the second of the significations above, (Msb, K,) and the first, (K,) and signifies also a water-course (Msb, K) from the upper part of a valley: (Msb:) and also, (K,) or, accord. to IDrd, (TA,) the wide part of the mouth of a valley: and a high, or an elevated, piece of land or ground: (IDrd, K:) sometimes, says IDrd, it has this last application; but the former is the original signification: (TA:) it is also said to signify high, or elevated, and rugged, land or ground, in which the torrent goes to and fro, and from which it then pours to another تلعة, lower than it; and which is fertile in plants, or herbage: (L, TA:) or a water-course from the higher part of the ground to the bottom of a valley: (AA, S:) pl. تِلَاعٌ (AA, S, Msb, K) and تَلَعَاتٌ: (K:) and, (K,) or, accord. to Sh, (TA,) تِلَاعٌ signifies water-course flowing from acclivities and the [eminences termed] نِجَاف and the mountains, until they pour into the valley: (Sh, K:) to which Sh adds, the تلعة of the mountain being formed by the water's coming and furrowing and excavating it until it escapes from it: (TA:) but تلاع are nowhere except [the word إِلّاَ has been dropped in the CK] in the صَحَارَى

[or deserts]; (Sh, K;) and sometimes a تلعة comes from a distance of five leagues (فَرَاسِخ) to the valley; and when it flows from the mountains, and falls into the صحارى [or deserts], it excavates in them what resembles a moat: when it becomes so large as to be like the half, or two thirds, of the valley, it is termed مَيْثَآءُ: (Sh, TA:) تَلْعَةٌ is also said to be like رحبة [i. e. رَحَبَةٌ or رَحْبَةٌ, app. as meaning the part of a valley in which its water flows into it from its two sides]; and the pl. [or rather coll. gen. n.] is said to be تَلْعٌ. (TA.) It is said in a trad., فَيَجِىْءُ مَطَرٌ لَا يَمْتَنِعُ مِنْهُ ذَنَبُ تَلْعَةٍ [And a rain will come, in consequence of which the end of a water-course will not be impeded]: meaning to denote its abundance, and that no place will be exempt from it. (TA.) And in a prov., فُلَانٌ لَا يَمْنَعُ ذَنَبَ تَلْعَةٍ [Such a one will not impede the end of a water-course]: (K, * TA:) applied to the abject and contemptible. (K.) And in another, (ISh,) لَا أَثِقُ بِسَيْلِ تَلْعَتكَ [I do not, or will not, trust in the flow of thy water-course]: applied to him in whom one does not trust: (ISh, K:) i. e. I do not, or will not, trust in what thou sayest, and what thou adducest: characterizing the person as a liar. (ISh.) and in another, (IAar,) مَا أَخَافُ إِلَّا مِنْ سَيْلِ تَلْعَتِى

[I fear not save from the flow of my water-course]: i. e., from the sons of my uncle, and my relations: (IAar, K:) for he who descends the water-course is in danger: if the torrent come, it sweeps him away. (IAar.)
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