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2 توّجهُ He crowned him; invested him with the crown. (S, A, Msb, * K.) b2: He made him a prince, lord, or chief. (Msb, * TA.) b3: (assumed tropical:) He turbaned him; invested him with the turban. (TA.) 5 تتوّج He was, or became, crowned, or invested with the crown. (S, A, K.) [For the verb تَاجَ, in this or a similar sense, mentioned in the Lexicons of Golius and Freytag, in the former as from the K, I find no authority: on the contrary, it is said in the TA that no verb answering to تَائِجٌ has been heard.] b2: He was made, or became, a prince, lord, or chief. (TA.) b3: (assumed tropical:) He was, or became, turbaned, or invested with the turban. (TA.) تَاجٌ A crown; (S, A, K, TA;) i. e. a thing that is made for kings, of gold and jewels; (TA;) peculiar to the عَجَم [or Persians and other foreigners]: (Msb:) [a Persian word:] pl. [of mult.] تِيجَانٌ (S, A, Mgh, Msb, K) and [of pauc.]

أَتْوَاجٌ. (TA.) b2: (assumed tropical:) A turban; as being likened to a crown. (TA.) It is said in a trad., (TA,) العَمَائِمُ تِيجَانُ العَرَبِ [Turbans are the crowns of the Arabs]; (S, TA;) i. e. turbans are to the Arabs as crowns to the kings; for the Arabs in the deserts are [or were] mostly bare-headed or wearing قَلَانِس [pl. of قَلَنْسُوَةٌ, q. v.]; turbans among them being few. (TA.) b3: Also Silver. (TA.) [See what next follows.]

تَاجَةٌ An ingot of purified silver: originally تَازَهْ, a Persian word, applied to a dirhem recently coined. (TA.) تَائِجٌ Having a تَاج [i. e. crown, or (assumed tropical:) turban]; an epithet applied to an إِمَام: (K:) it is a possessive epithet, like دَارِعٌ, for we have not heard any verb answering to it. (TA.) مُتَوَّجٌ Crowned; applied to a king: (A, TA:) (assumed tropical:) made a prince, lord, or chief: (assumed tropical:) turbaned. (TA.) مَتَاوِجُ [a pl. of which the sing. is not mentioned,] occurring in the saying of Jendel Er-Rá'ee, وَهُنَّ يَعْمِينَ مِنَ المَلَامِجِ بِقَرِدٍ مُخْرَنْطِمِ المَتَاوِجِ signifies [properly The parts of the head] where one is crowned (حَيْثُ يُتَتَوَّجُ) with the turban: (K,* TA:) [but it is evidently here used in a tropical manner; the poet is speaking of she-camels:] the ملامج are the mouths; [or the parts around the mouths;] and the قَرِد, a word like كَتِف, is the accumulated foam which the camel casts forth from his mouth. (TA.) [It seems that the poet means, And they cast forth, from the parts around the mouth, accumulated foam, elongated in the extremities: مُخْرَنْطِم being app. syn. with مُخَرْطَم, as meaning “ elongated like a خُرْطُوم,” or “ snout. ”]
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