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1 تَامَ, [aor. يَتِيمٌ, inf. n. تَيْمٌ,] He loved excessively: (T:) [or he became enslaved, or brought into subjection, by love; (see 2;) and so ↓ تتيّم, as explained in Kull p. 165: (see حُبُّ:) or his reason departed, and became disordered, in consequence of love and desire; for] تَيْمٌ signifies the departing of reason, and its becoming disordered, (T, TA,) in consequence of love and desire. (TA.) b2: He became alone, apart from others. (T, TA.) A2: تَامَتْهُ, (T, S, M, K,) aor. تَتِيمُهُ, (T,) inf. n. تَيْمٌ; (T, M, K;) and ↓ تَيَّمَتْهُ, (T, M, K,) [which is the more common,] inf. n. تَتْيِيمٌ; (K;) She (a woman) enslaved him (S, M, K) by love of her, (M,) and brought him into subjection: (S, K:) and she enslaved it, and brought it into subjection; namely, his heart: (S:) or she deprived him of his reason; disordered his reason. (T.) and تَامَهُ, (K,) inf. n. as above; (M, K;) and ↓ تيّمهُ; (S, K;) It (love, S, K, or love and desire, M, and excessive love, K) enslaved him, (S, M, K,) and brought him into subjection. (S, K.) 2 تَيَّمَ see 1, in two places.5 تَتَيَّمَ see 1.8 اِتَّامَ, (T, S,) inf. n. اِتِّيَامٌ, (T, S, M,) He (a man) slaughtered his تِيمَة [q. v.]: (T, S, M:) and in like manner, اِتَّامَتْ, said of a woman: (T:) or اتّيام signifies the slaughtering camels, and sheep or goats, for no cause. (IAar, T.) تَيْمٌ i. q. عَبْدٌ [as meaning A slave, and a servant or worshipper or God or of a false god]: whence the names تَيْمُ اللّٰهِ [The servant of God] and تَيْمُ اللَّاتِ [The servant of El-Lát]: (S, M, K:) pl. تُيُومٌ: it is originally an inf. n., from تَامُهُ: or an epithet like its syn. عَبْدٌ: J says that it is from تَيَّمَهُ الحُبُّ. (TA.) نِيمةٌ (as also تِئْمَةٌ, with hemz, K) A ewe, or she-goat, which her owner milks for himself, (A'Obeyd, T, S, M, K,) in his abode, (S, M, K,) of those which he has reared, (A'Obeyd, T,) not left to pasture where she pleases; (A'Obeyd, T, S, M, K;) but sometimes slaughtered, when her owner is in want of flesh-meat: (A'Obeyd, T:) or one that is slaughtered in a time of famine: (AZ, T, M, K:) or one beyond forty, until the number attains to the next amount that requires one to be given for the poor rate: (M, K:) or one that is slaughtered gratuitously, not for a compensation, when persons desire flesh-meat. (AHeyth, T.) A2: Also A [kind of amulet, such as is called] تَمِيمَة, that is hung upon a child: (K:) app. a contraction of تميمة. (TA.) أَرْضٌ تَيْمَآءُ A [desert] land such as is termed قَفْرَة, that causes one to lose his way and to perish: or a wide tract of land: (M, K:) or a land in which is no water: (T:) and تَيْمَآءُ alone a [desert such as is termed] فَلَاة; (T, S, K;) because one loses his way therein: (T:) and a wide فَلَاة. (T.) A2: التَّيْمَآءُ The stars of الجَوْزَآء [app. meaning Gemini, also called التَّوْءَمَانِ]. (K.) أَتْيَمُ [More, and most, enslaved by love]. Hence

أَتْيَمُ مِنَ المُرَقِّشِ [More enslaved by love than ElMurakkish: a prov.: see Freytag's Arab. Prov. i. 255]. (TA.) مَتِيمٌ: see what follows.

مُتَيَّمٌ Enslaved, and brought into subjection, by love: (S:) having the heart enslaved, and brought into subjection, and affected with vehement love so as to be deprived of his reason: (Abu-l-'Abbás El-Ahwal, TA:) or deprived of his reason; disordered therein; by women; as also ↓ مَتِيمٌ: and led astray. (T.)
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