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1 ثَبَنَ الثَّوْبَ, aor. ثَبِنَ, inf. n. ثَبْنٌ and ثِبَانٌ, He folded the extremity of the garment, and sewed it; (S, K;) [he made a tuck in the garment, to shorten it;] like خَبَنَهُ: (S:) or, (K,) i. e. ثَبَنَ, (TA,) he put a thing into the receptacle [thereof] and carried it before him; as also ↓ تثبّن: and in like manner, he folded and sewed over a thing the doubled upper border of his trousers in front: (K, * TA:) or شَيْئًا ↓ تثبّن has this last meaning; and signifies also he put a thing into a ثِبَان [q. v.] and carried it before him: (S:) and ثَبَنَ فِى ثَوْبِهِ, aor. and inf. ns. as above; (M;) and فِيهِ ↓ اثبن, (M, K, as in the CK,) accord. to [some of] the copies of the K اثتبن, but the former is the right reading; (TA;) and ↓ ثبّن; (M;) he put a thing into the receptacle [thereof] and carried it before him [in his garment]: (M, K: *) [see also أَخْبَنَ:] or you say, فِى ثَوْبِهِ ↓ ثبّنهُ he made it a ثِبَان (or thing carried [before him]) in his garment: (T:) and ↓ تثبّن ثِبَانًا he made a receptacle in which he [so] carried a thing before him. (T.) 2 ثَبَّنَ see 1, in two places.4 أَثْبَنَ see 1.5 تَثَبَّنَ see 1, in three places.

ثُبْنَةٌ: see what next follows, in four places.

ثِبَانٌ A receptacle, such as when one folds the skirt of his shirt and puts in it a thing and carries it before him: (S:) or the part, of the garment, which is the place wherein one carries, when he wraps it around his body, or puts a portion thereof under his right shoulder and another portion over his left shoulder, then folds before him a part of it, and puts a thing in it; as also ↓ ثُبْنَةٌ: (M:) or the part, of one's garment, which is the place wherein he carries; folding its extremity, and sewing it, before him, and then putting in it some dates or other things: as also ↓ ثَبِينٌ and ↓ ثُبْنَةٌ: (K:) and the extremity of the [garment called] رِدَآء when one folds it before him and sews it [and puts a thing in it to carry]: (M:) or a receptacle in which one carries a thing before him; (T:) and ↓ ثُبْنَةٌ, of which the pl. is ثُبَانٌ, (T,) or its pl. is ثُبَنٌ, like as the pl of خُبْنَةٌ [which has a similar meaning] is خُبَنٌ, (Har p. 427,) the doubled upper border of the trousers or waist-wrapper, in which one carries [before him] fruit and other things: [see also خُبْنَةٌ:] or, as some say, ثِبَانٌ does not signify a receptacle, but dates that are put and carried in a receptacle or some other thing: and sometimes what a man carries in his sleeve; and ↓ ثُبْنَةٌ signifies only what one carries before him, that is little in quantity: and what is great is not called ثِبَانٌ. (T.) It is said in a trad. of 'Omar, إِذَا مَرَّ أَحَدُكُمْ بِحَائِطٍ فَلْيَأْكُلْ مِنْهُ وَلَا يَتَّخِذْ ثِبَانًا [When any one of you passes by a garden of palm-trees, let him eat thereof, but not take for himself, or make, a ثبان]: i. e., when a necessitous hungry person passes by a man's garden of palm-trees, he may eat of their dates what will repel his hunger. (T. [See also another reading voce خُبْنَةٌ.]) And one says, قَدِمَ فُلَانٌ بِثِبَانٍ فِى ثَوْبِهِ مَا أَدْرِى مَا هُوَ [Such a one came with a ثبان in his garment: I know not what it was]. (T.) ثَبِينٌ: see ثِبَانٌ.

مَثْبَنَةٌ A bag in which a woman puts her mirror and apparatus: (M, K:) of the dial. of ElYemen. (M.)
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