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1 ثَطَّ, aor. ثَطَّ; (Lth, TA;) [app. accord. to him who says رَجُلٌ أَثَطُّ; for Lth adds,] and, accord. to him who says رَجُلٌ ثَطٌ, (Lth, TA,) ثَطَّ, aor. ثَطِّ and ثَطُّ; (Lth, K;) inf. n. [of ثَطَّ of which the aor. is ثَطَ3َ,] ثَطَطٌ, (Lth, IDrd, S, K,) and [of the verb of which the aor. is ثَطِّ,] ثَطٌّ, and [of that of which the aor. is ثَطُّ, the second pers. of the pret. being app. ثَطُطْتَ,] ثَطَاطَةٌ and ثُطُوطَةٌ; (Lth, K;) or the last two, accord. to IDrd, are simple substs., and ISd approves of this distinction; (TA;) He (a man, Lth, S) was, or became, such as is termed ثَطٌّ and أَثَطُّ [explained below]. (Lth, IDrd, S, K.) ثَطٌّ and ↓ أَثَطُّ, (Lth, S, K,) but the former is the more correct and the more common, (Lth,) or the former only, (IDrd, and IB on the authority of Ibn-El-Jawáleekee, and K,) the latter being vulgar, (IDrd, K,) but AZ asserted his having heard the latter, (AHát, cited in the Jm,) [and the latter only is mentioned in the Mgh,] A man (S, Mgh) having no hair upon the sides of his face, but only upon his chin; syn. كَوْسَجٌ: (S, Mgh, K:) or having a scanty beard: (IDrd:) or the former signifies having little hair in the beard, and in the eyebrows: (K:) or [when you mean the latter] you say رَجُلٌ ثَطُّ الحَاجِبَيْنِ, (K,) a man having thin, or scanty, eyebrows; as also الحَاجِبَيْنِ ↓ أَثَطُّ; (TA;) the mention of the eyebrows being indispensable; (IAar, K;) and اِمْرَأَةٌ ثَطَّةُ الحَاجِبَيْنِ [a woman having thin, or scanty, eyebrows]: (S TA:) pl. (of pauc., TA) أَثْطَاطٌ (Kr, K) and (of mult., TA) ثُطَّانٌ and ثِطَطَةٌ (AZ, K) and ثُطُطٌ, (IAar,) [all of which may be of either sing.,] and ثِطَاطٌ, (AZ, S, K,) which is of the former sing., (S,) and ثُطٌّ, (AZ, S, K,) which is of the latter. (S.) You say also اِمْرَأَةٌ

↓ ثَطَّآءُ A woman having no إِسْب, (Lth, TA,) i. e. hair on the pubes; in the copies of the K incorrectly written اِسْت. (TA.) And ↓ عَارِضٌ أَثَطُّ A side of the cheek, or of the face, having the hair falling off. (Mgh.) b2: Also, the former, Heavy in the belly; (K, TA;) slow; applied to a man. (TA.) A2: The former also signifies Human excrement or ordure; or thin human excrement or ordure; syn. سَلْحٌ. (Sgh, K.) [See also ثَلْطٌ.]

أَثَطُّ, and its fem. ثَطَّآءُ: see ثَطٌّ, in four places. b2: الثَّطَّآءُ also signifies The spider: or another creeping thing, that stings, or bites, vehemently: (K:) this is from Lth, as in the O and L: but in the Tekmileh we find الثَّطَّآءُ, like شَفَّآء, [app. a mistake for الثِّطَآءُ, like شِفَآء,] a certain small creeping thing: or, as some say, it is الثَّطَا, of the measure of قَفًا. (TA.)
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