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1 ثَفڤرَ and 2: see 4.4 اثفرهُ He bound, tied, or fastened, upon him a ثَفَر [or crupper]; (S, M, A, Msb, K;) namely, a beast, a horse, an ass, or a camel: (S, * M, * TA, &c.:) or he made for him (namely, a camel or an ass &c., TA) a ثَفَر [or crupper]. (M, K.) [Hence,] أَثْفَرْتُهُ بَيْعَةَ سُوْءٍ (tropical:) [app. I imposed upon him a bad sale so that he could not rid himself of it; lit.] I stuck a bad sale to his backside. (A, K.) b2: (tropical:) He drove him, or urged him on, from behind; (A, K;) as also ↓ ثفّرهُ, inf. n. تَثْفِيرٌ; (K;) in some copies of the K, ↓ ثَفَرَهُ, aor. ثَفُرَ. (TA.) b3: اثفرت She (a goat) showed, or gave evidence of, pregnancy, or bringing forth. (K: in the CK, بَيَّنَتِ الوِلادَ: in MS. copies of the K, and in the TA, الوِلَادَة.) 10 استثفر (tropical:) He (a man, M) put (a part of] his

إِزَار [or waist-wrapper] between his thighs, twisted together; (M, K;) he (a wrestler) turned back the extremity of his garment [between his thighs] and stuck it in the part where it was bound round his waist: (A:) or استثفر بِثَوْبِهِ, (S, Msb,) or بِإِزَارِهِ, (T, Mgh,) or استثفر إِزَارَهُ, (Mgh,) he (a man) turned back the extremity of his garment between his legs to the part where it was bound round his waist; (S;) or he (a wrestler, T, Mgh) bound his garment, (IF, Msb,) or his ازار, (T, Mgh,) round the lower part of his body, (IF, Mgh, Msb,) or round his thighs, (T,) and then turned back its extremity between his legs, and stuck it in the part where it was bound round his waist, behind. (T, IF, Mgh, Msb.) b2: استثفرت, said of a menstruous woman, signifies the like; (Msb;) (tropical:) i. q. تَلَجَّمَتْ; (A, Msb;) She closed her vulva with a broad piece of rag, or stuffed it with some cotton, and fastened the [or each] extremity of the bandage to a thing tied round her waist. (T, L.) b3: And استثفر, (M,) or استثفر بِذَنَبِهِ, (S, A, Msb, K,) said of a dog, (tropical:) He put his tail between his thighs, (S, M, A, * Msb, K,) making it to cleave to his belly. (M, K.) ثَفْرٌ (S, M, Msb, K) and ↓ ثُفْرٌ (M, K) The vulva of an animal of prey, (As, T, S, M, Msb, K,) and of any creature that has claws, or talons: (S, Msb, K:) or the vagina thereof: (M, K:) and metaphorically used in relation to other animals: (Msb:) thus applied to that of a cow, (S, M, TA,) and of a mare, and of a ewe, and of a woman: or applied to that of a cow it is proper, not tropical. (M, TA.) b2: Also, accord. to AA and others, The anus. (Mz 44th نوع.) A2: See also ثَفَرٌ.

ثُفْرٌ: see ثَفْرٌ.

ثَفَرٌ, (S, M, A, Msb, K,) and sometimes ↓ ثَفْرٌ, (K,) The [crupper, or] strap, or thong, at the hinder part of the saddle; (M, K;) the appendage of the saddle that is put beneath the tail (Mgh) of a beast, (S, A, Mgh, Msb,) of a horse, an ass, or a camel: (T, TA:) its two ends are bound to the دَفَّتَانِ: (IDrd in his book on the Saddle and Bridle, p. 4:) pl. أَثْفَارٌ. (Msb.) مِثْفَرٌ: see what follows.

مِثْفَارٌ A beast that throws its saddle backwards. (S, M, A, K.) b2: (tropical:) A catamite; syn. مَأْبُونٌ; (K;) الَّذِي يُؤْتَى; (M;) as also ↓ مِثْفرٌ. (M, K.)
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