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ى1 ثَفَاهُ, aor. ثَفِىَ (M, K) and ثَفُىَ, (K,) He followed him; (M, K;) as also أَثَفَهُ: or he was with him, near after him, or at his heels, as though treading in his footsteps: (TA:) or ثَفَوْتُ الرَّجُلَ signifies I was with the man, near after him, &c.: and جَآءَ يَثْفُوهُ, he came following him. (M.) b2: ثَفَيْتُ القَوْمَ I drove away, or drove away and pursued closely, or hunted, the people, or company of men; syn. طَرَدْتُ: (K:) perhaps from أَثَفَهُ, which also signifies طَرَدَهُ. (TA.) 2 ثفّى القِدْرَ, (S, M, K, [in the CK, the verb is erroneously without teshdeed,]) He put the cooking-pot upon the أَثَافِى [pl. of أُثْفِيَّةٌ, q. v.]; (S, M, K; *) as also ↓ أَثْفَاهَا; (M, K;) and اثّفها, (K,) inf. n. تَأْثِيفٌ; (TA;) and أَثَفَهَا; (so in some copies of the K;) or آثَفَهَا, (so in other copies of the K, and in the TA,) inf. n. إِيثَافٌ: (TA:) or ↓ اثفاها signifies he put, or made, for it أَثَافِى. (S.) b2: [Hence,] ثُفِّيَتِ المَرْأَةُ (tropical:) The woman was a wife of a man who had two wives beside herself; she being the third of them; they being likened to the أَثَافِى of the cooking-pot. (M.) And ↓ أَثْفَى (assumed tropical:) He took three women as his wives. (K.) 4 اثفى القِدْرَ: see 2, in two places. See also Q. Q. 1 in art. اثف. b2: And اثفى said of a man: see 2.5 تثفّى فُلَانًا عِرْقُ سَوْءٍ [Evil origin, or a bad hereditary disposition,] withheld such a one (قَصَّرَ بِهِ [in the CK, erroneously, قَصُرَ به]) from generous actions. (K) ثُفَّآءٌ, or ثُفَآءٌ; n. un. with ة: see art. ثفأ.

أُثْفِيَّةٌ (S, M, K, &c.) and إِثْفِيَّةٌ (Fr, A 'Obeyd, K) The stone [which is one of the three] whereon the cooking-pot is placed: (M, * K:) it is a stone like the head of a man: (T, TA:) pl. أَثَافِىُّ and أَثَافٍ. (S, K, &c.) [See more in art. اثف.]

مِثْفًى, and its fem. مثْفَاةٌ: see what next follows, in three places.

مُثَفًّى, (M,) or ↓ مِثْفًى, (K, [but this is probably a mistranscription,]) (assumed tropical:) A man of whom many wives die: (M, K:) or of whom three wives have died: (M, K: *) and مُثَفَّاةٌ, (T, M,) or ↓ مِثْفَاةٌ, (K, [but this, again, is probably a mistranscription,]) (assumed tropical:) a woman of whom many husbands die: (M, K:) or of whom three husbands have died: (M:) or it signifies also (K) a woman who has buried three husbands: (IAar, T, K:) or مُثَفَّاةٌ signifies [like مُؤَثَّفَةٌ] (assumed tropical:) a woman whose husband has two wives beside her; she being the third of them; they being likened to the أَثَافِى of the cooking-pot: and ↓ مُثَفِّيَةٌ, (assumed tropical:) a woman of whom three husbands have died: and ↓ مُثَفٍّ, (assumed tropical:) a man of whom three wives have died. (S.) b2: مُثَفَّاةٌ, (S,) or ↓ مِثْفَاةٌ, (K,) also signifies (assumed tropical:) A brand, or mark made with a hot iron, upon an animal, resembling the أَثَافِى [of the cooking pot]. (S, K.) مُثَفٍّ, and its fem. مُثَفِّيَةٌ: see what next precedes.

قَدْرٌ مُؤَثْفَاةٌ A cooking-pot put upon the أَثَافِى. (K * and TA, and M in art. اثف, q. v. [In the CK, erroneously, مُؤْثَفاةٌ.])
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