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1 ثَلَجَتِ السَّمَآءُ, aor. ثَلُجَ and ثَلِجَ, The sky snowed; let fall snow. (A, TA.) [Here, and in other cases, throughout this art., the meaning of ثَلْجٌ is assumed to be well known.] b2: ثَلَجَتْنَا السَّمَآءُ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. ثَلُجَ; (S, Msb;) and ↓ أَثْلَجَتْنَا; (Msb, * K;) The sky snowed upon us; (S, Msb, K;) like as one says مَطَرَتْنَا. (S.) And ثُلِجُوا They were snowed upon. (TA.) You say, ثُلِجْنَا العَامَ ثَلْجًا كَثِيرًا [We were snowed upon this year much]. (A.) And ثُلِجَتِ الأَرْضُ, (A, Msb, TA,) and ↓ أُثْلِجَت, (TA,) The land was snowed upon. (A, * Msb, TA. *) b3: [ثُلِجَ, said of water &c., It was cooled, or made cold, with snow: see an ex. voce مَثْلُوجٌ. In the present day, ↓ ثَلَّجَهُ signifies He cooled it, or made it cold, with snow or ice; iced it; froze it.] b4: See also 4. b5: [Hence,] ثَلِجَ, (IAar, K,) aor. ثَلَجَ, (K,) inf. n. ثَلَجٌ, (TA,) (assumed tropical:) His heart became cool, or refreshed, and relieved of a thing: (IAar:) and he rejoiced; or was, or became, joyful, glad, or happy: (IAar, K:) and he was, or became, at ease, at rest, tranquil, or free from disquietude. (TA.) and ثَلِجَتْ نَفْسُهُ بِكَذَا (tropical:) His mind became refreshed and happy by means of such a thing. (A.) and ثَلَجَتْ نَفْسِى, aor. ثَلُجَ, inf. n. ثُلُوجٌ; (AA, S, K;) and ثَلِجَتْ, aor. ثَلَجَ, inf. n. ثَلَجٌ; (As, S, K; [in the CK ثَلْج;]) and ↓ أَثْلَجَتْ; (K;) بِالشَّىْءِ; (TA;) (assumed tropical:) My mind became at ease, at rest, tranquil, or free from disquietude, (AA, S, K, TA,) and became healed, by means of the thing: (TA:) or I knew it, and was rejoiced at it, or by it: or my mind became at ease, and I confided, or trusted, in the thing: as also ثلجتُ إِلَيْهِ; and ثلج صَدْرِى: or this last, accord. to Sh, means my bosom became dilated [with joy], لِلْأَمْرِ at the event. (TA.) And ثلجتُ بِمَا خَبَّرْتَنِى (assumed tropical:) I became healed, and my heart became at rest, or tranquil, by means of the information which thou gavest me. (ISk, TA.) And ثَلَجَ قَلْبُهُ and ثَلِجَ, the latter mentioned by Lb, on the authority of 'AbdEl-Hakk, (tropical:) His heart became certified, or assured. (TA.) ثَلَجٌ is said to mean (tropical:) Certitude, or assurance, because it is taken from the delight that one has in water rendered cool, or cold, by means of snow and the like. (TA.) b6: ثُلِجَ فُؤَادُهُ (tropical:) He was, or became, stupid, dull, wanting in intelligence: (IAar, A, TA:) his heart, or his mind, or intellect, quitted him. (TA.) b7: ثَلَجَهُ, (Sh, K,) aor. ثَلُجَ, inf. n. ثَلْجٌ, (Sh, TA,) also signifies He, or it, soaked it; moistened it. (Sh, K, TA.) 2 ثَلَّجَ see 1.4 اثلج It (a day, S, K, or a year, A) was, or became, snowy. (S, A, K.) b2: He reached, came upon, or lighted on, snow; (K;) as also ثلج [written without any syll. signs, app. ↓ ثَلَجَ]. (TA.) He entered upon [a tract, or time, or season, of] snow. (TA.) b3: أَثْلَجَتْنَا السَّمَآءُ: and أُثْلِجَتِ الأَرْضُ: see 1. b4: [Thus the verb is intrans. and trans. And hence,] أَثْلَجَتْ نَفْسِى: see 1. b5: And اثلجهُ (assumed tropical:) He rejoiced him; made him joyful, glad, or happy. (K.) And اثلج صَدْرِى (tropical:) It (news, or information,) healed and tranquillized me. (A, * TA.) And مَا أَثْلَجَنِى بِهٰذَا الأَمْرِ (assumed tropical:) How joyful, or happy, am I made by this thing, or event! (TA.) b6: [Hence also,] حَفَرَ حَتَّى اثلج (tropical:) He dug until he reached the clay, or mud, (AA, S, K, TA,) or the cold of the moist earth, (A,) or the moist earth and the water. (TA.) b7: اثلج مَآءُ البِئْرِ (tropical:) The water of the well ceased, or stopped. (A, K.) And hence, (TA.) اثلجت عَنْهُ الحُمَّى (tropical:) The fever quitted him. (A, TA.) A2: إِثْلَاجٌ [the inf. n.] is also syn. with إِفْلَاجٌ [inf.n. of أَفْلَجَ, q. v.]. (K.) ثَلْجٌ [Snow;] a thing well known, (S, A, Msb, K,) that falls from the sky: (TA:) pl. ثُلُوجٌ. (Msb.) ثَلِجٌ Cold: (K:) applied to water. (TA.) ثُلُجٌ (assumed tropical:) Men joyful, glad, or happy, by reason of news. (IAar, TA.) b2: (assumed tropical:) Men who are stupid, dull, or wanting in intelligence. (TA.) [See also مَثْلُوجٌ.]

ثَلْجِىٌّ: see ثَلَّاجٌ.

ثُلَاجِىٌّ (tropical:) Very white: applied to an iron head of an arrow or of a spear or of a sword or the like: (A, K:) fem. with ة. (A.) ثَلَّاجٌ A seller of snow; (K;) as also ↓ ثَلْجِىٌّ. (TA.) مَثْلَجَةٌ A place in which is [kept] snow [ for cooling water &c. in summer]. (K.) مَثْلُوجٌ: fem. with ة: the latter applied to land (أَرْض), meaning Snowed upon. (S, A, Msb.) b2: Water cooled, or made cold, with snow. (TA.) A poet says, speaking of a woman's mouth, يُخَالُ مَثْلُوجًا وَإِن لَمْ يُثْلَجِ [It would be thought to be cooled with snow, though it was not cooled therewith]. (TA.) b3: مَثْلُوجُ الفُؤَادِ (tropical:) A man (S) stupid, dull, or wanting in intelligence. (S, A, Msb, K.) [See also ثُلُجٌ.]
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