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1 ثَلَمَهُ, aor. ثَلِمَ, (T, S, M, Msb, K,) inf. n. ثَلْمٌ, (S, M, Msb,) He broke its edge; (S, * M, Msb, K;) namely, that of a vessel, (M, Msb, K,) and of a sword, and the like; (M, K;) as also ثَلِمَهُ, aor. ثَلَمَ; (K, TA; [but I suspect that this latter form of the verb has been taken from a copy of the S in which the intrans. verb ثَلِمَ has been erroneously made trans,;]) and ↓ ثلّمهُ; (M, K;) or this last signifies he did so much, or in many places: (S:) and the first signifies also he made a gap, or breach, in it; namely, a wall. (T, * S.) b2: [Hence,] ثُلِمَ فِى مَالِهِ, (TA,) or ثُلِمَ فِى مَالِهِ ثَلْمَةً, (M,) (tropical:) He suffered the loss of somewhat of his property. (M, TA.) And هٰذَا مِمَّا يَكْلِمُ الدِّينَ وَيَثْلِمُ اليَقِينَ (assumed tropical:) [This of the things that wound religion and impair sure faith]. (TA.) A2: ثَلِمَ, aor. ثَلَمَ, inf. n. ثَلَمٌ; (S;) and ↓ انثلم, and ↓ تثلّم; (S, M, Msb, K;) said of a thing, (S,) a vessel, (M, Msb, K,) a sword, and the like, (M, K,) It was, or became, broken in its edge: (S, * M, Msb, K:) [or ↓ the last, being quasi-pass. of 2, it was, or became, broken much, or in several places, in its edge:] and ↓ انثلم and ↓ تثلّم are said of a wall [as signifying it had a gap or breach, or gaps or breaches, made in it]. (T.) ثَلَمٌ, [the inf. n. of ثَلِمَ,] when relating to a valley, signifies The having its حَرْف, (T, M, K, and so in a copy of the S, [meaning brink, or edge,]) or its جُرُف, (so in other copies of the S, [meaning its abrupt, water-worn, bank,]) broken; (T, S, M, K, TA;) i. e., broken down: (TA:) and in like manner, in relation to a trench dug round a tent to prevent the rain-water from entering it, and in relation to a watering-trough, or tank. (M, TA.) [Golius and Freytag have explained it as signifying the part so broken; but I do not think that this can be meant by the explanation given above.]2 ثَلَّمَ see 1.5 تَثَلَّمَ see 1, in three places.7 إِنْثَلَمَ see 1, in two places. b2: You say also, انثلموا عَلَيْهِ They poured forth, or down, upon him, or against him; as also انثلّوا. (Z, TA.) ثَلْمٌ A break of the edge in a vessel (ISk, T, S) and in a sword. (T, S.) [See also what next follows.]

ثُلْمَةٌ A gap, or breach, (S, M, Msb, K,) in a wall &c., (S, Msb,) or of a thing that is broken, and of a thing ruined, (K,) or of a broken edge: (M:) or a place that has been broken in an edge, or that has had a gap, or breach, made in it: (T, TA:) a broken place of a vessel: (TA:) pl. ثُلَمٌ. (T, Msb.) [See also ثَلْمٌ.] b2: [Hence,] مَوْتُ فُلَانٍ ثُلْمَةٌ فِى الإِسْلَامِ ثُلْمَةٌ لَا تُسَدُّ (tropical:) [The death of such a one is an occasion of a gap in the body of the Muslims; a gap that will not be filled up]. (TA.) [See also its syn. خَلَّةٌ.]

أَثْلَمُ A thing [such as a vessel and a sword and the like] broken in its edge: (S:) a wateringtrough, or tank, broken in its side. (TA.) A2: أَثْلَمٌ Dust, or earth; 'and stones; like أَثْلَبٌ; accord. to El-Hejeree: but [ISd adds,] whether it be a dial. var. or formed by substitution, I know not. (M.)
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