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أب1 جَأَبَ, aor. جَاَ^َ, (S, K,) inf. n. جَأْبٌ, (S,) He gained, earned, or acquired, (S, K,) wealth, or property: (K:) but [SM says,] I have not seen that any of the leading lexicologists has mentioned this addition of wealth, or property. (TA. [See, however, جَأّبٌ, below.]) The rájiz (Ru-beh Ibn-El-'Ajjáj, TA) says, وَاللّٰهُ رَاعِى عَمَلِى وَجَأْبِى

[And God is mindful of my work and my earning]. (S, TA.) A2: Also He sold جَأْبِ, i. e. مَغْرَة [red ochre]; (IAar, K;) and so جَبَأَ. (IAar, TA.) جَأْبٌ Thick, gross, big, or bulky: (S, K:) or strong: (A:) applied to an ass, (A, K,) or to a wild ass: (S, K:) as also جَابٌ, without ء: (S:) pl. جُؤُوبٌ. (TA.) Accord. to the K [and the A], it signifies also Whatever is rude, or coarse; thick, gross, big, or bulky: (كُلُّ جَافٍ غَلِيظٍ:) but in the L, we find كَاهِلٌ جَأْبٌ غَلِيظٌ [meaning that جَأْبٌ applied to the part of the back termed كاهل signifies thick, or big]: and خَلْقٌ جَأْبٌ as meaning a thick, gross, big, or bulky, make. (TA.) b2: [Hence,] الجَأْبُ The lion. (A, Sgh, K.) b3: And جَأْبَةُ المِدْرَى, (S, A, K,) or, accord. to AO (S) and the Mj (TA) and Sh, (TA in art. جوب q. v.,) without ء, (S, TA,) A doe-gazelle having her horn just come forth; because the horn when it first comes forth is thick, and afterwards becomes slender; (S, K;) thus showing her to be young: (S:) or a doe-gazelle, and a cow, strong in the horn. (A.) [See also art. جوب.] b4: You say also, فُلَانٌ شَخْتُ الآلِ جَأْبُ الصَّبْرِ (assumed tropical:) Such a one is slender in body, or person, [but] great in patience. (S.) A2: The navel. (K.) A3: Red ochre; syn. مَغْرَة [read by Golius معزة]; (Mj, K;) with and without ء, (Mj, TA.) جَأْبَةُ البَطْنِ, (Ibn-Buzurj, K,) as also جَبْأَةُ البَطْنِ, (Ibn-Buzurj, TA,) i. q. مَأْنَةُ البَطْنِ, (K,) i. e. The part of the belly that is between the navel and the pubes. (TA.) جُؤْبَةٌ: see what next follows.

جُؤُوبَةٌ (K) and ↓ جُؤْبَةٌ (K accord. to some copies, but not in others nor in the TA) A grinning, and frowning, or contracting, of the face; or looking sternly, austerely, or morosely. (K.) جَأّبٌ A gainer, an earner, or an acquirer, of wealth, or property. (TA voce جَوَّابٌ.)
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