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1 جَحَشَهُ, (Ks, S, Mgh, K, *) aor. جَحَشَ, (Mgh, K,) inf. n. جَحْشٌ, (S, K,) It scratched it, or the like, (namely the skin, S, Mgh, K, or a man's side, Ks,) so as to abrade the surface, (Mgh, K,) or so as to abrade the skin; (Ks;) syn. سَحَجَهُ, (Ks, K,) and قَشَرَهُ: (Mgh, K:) or i. q. خَدَشَهُ: or it signifies more than this last: (Ks, K:) or less than this last: (Lth, K:) and it (an arrow) made a mark upon it; [or grazed it;] namely, a wall. (Mgh.) You say, أَصَابَهُ شَىْءٌ فَجَحَشَ وَجْهَهُ [A thing struck him, and abraded the surface of the skin of his face]: and بِهِ جَحْشٌ [in him, or it, is an abrasion of the skin]: (S, TA:) or جَحْشٌ is not in the face, nor [anywhere] in the body [except in the side]. (L, TA.) It is said in a trad., respecting Mohammad, سَقَطَ مِنْ فَرَسٍ فَجُحِشَ شِقَّهُ He fell from a horse, and the skin of his side was scratched, or lacerated, or abraded. (Mgh, * TA.) [See also مَجْحُوشٌ.]

جَحْشٌ A young ass; (S, Msb, K;) domestic and wild: or before it becomes big: (TA:) or from the time when it is brought forth until it becomes big from sucking: when it has completed the year, it is called تَوْلَبٌ: (As:) [or the latter is applied to a wild ass of that age:] pl. [of pauc.] أَجْحَاشٌ (so in a copy of the S) and [of mult.] جِحَاشٌ and جِحْشَانٌ (S, Msb, K) and جُحُوشٌ (Msb) and جِحَشَةٌ: (As, TA:) [dim. جُحَيْشٌ:] and fem. جَحْشَةٌ. (S, K.) It is said in a prov., الجَحْشَ لَمَّا بَذَّكَ الأَعْيَارُ, (A, TA,) i. e., Seek thou, or pursue thou, the young ass when the full-grown asses outstrip thee: applied to him who seeks much, and it escapes him; so one says to him, Seek thou less than that. (TA.) [Meyd gives فَاتَكَ in the place of بَذَّكَ.] b2: Also (tropical:) A mare's colt; (A, K;) as being likened to a young ass. (TA.) b3: And (tropical:) A gazelle; (Ibn-'Abbád, K;) in the dial. of Hudheyl: (TA:) or a young gazelle; (A, TA;) in that dial.; occurring in a poem of Aboo-Dhu-eyb; but accord. to one relation, the word there is خشْف. (TA.) جَحِيشٌ The side, (K, TA,) of a man: (TA:) and a lateral, or an adjacent, part, or place, or tract. (Sh, K.) You say, أُصِيبَ جَحِيشُهُ His side was hit, or hurt. (TA.) And نَزَلَ فُلَانٌ الجَحِيشَ Such a one alighted in the adjacent part or tract. (TA.) A2: A man who retires to a distance, apart from others: (S:) who alights apart from others, and does not mix with them: (IDrd, K:) who lives alone, with none to incommode him in his house. (AHn.) You say, نَزَلَ فُلَانٌ جَحِيشًا Such a one alighted alone; apart from others. (TA.) جُحَيْشٌ [dim. of جَحْشٌ]. You say, هُوَ جُحَيْشُ وَحْدِهِ (tropical:) He is one who follows his own opinion only, (S, A, K,) who has his gain to himself exclusively, (TA,) and does not consult others, nor mix with them; (K, TA;) as also عُيَيْرُ وَحْدِهِ; [q. v.;] meaning dispraise; (S, A, TA;) the man being thereby likened to a [little] young ass. (TA.) بَيْتٌ جَاحِشٌ [A tent] apart from the tribe. (TA.) مَجْحُوشٌ One whose side (جَحِيشُهُ, TA) is hit, or hurt. (K, TA.)
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