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أ1 جَرُؤَ, aor. جَرُاَ, inf. n. جَرَآءَةٌ (S, Msb, K) and جَرَائِيَةٌ and جَرَايَةٌ, with ى [in the place of ء], which is extr., (K,) and جُرْأَةٌ and جُرَةٌ, (S, K,) thus sometimes, without ء, like as one says مَرْأَةٌ and جُرْأَةٌ, (S,) [all mentioned as inf. ns. in the TK, and app. as such in the K, but only the first is explicitly mentioned as an inf. n. in the S and Msb, and ↓ استجرأ is said in the Msb to be a simple subst.,] He was, or became, bold, daring, brave, or courageous; (S, Msb, * K, TA;) so as to attempt, or venture upon, a thing without consideration or hesitation: (TA:) [said of a brute and the like, as well as of a man:] and ↓ استجرأ is syn. therewith. (IJ, W p. 146.) 2 جَرَّأْتُهُ عَلَيْهِ, (inf. n. تَجْرِىْءٌ, K,) I emboldened him, or encouraged him, against him. (S, Msb, * K, TA.) 5 تَجَرَّاَ see 8.8 اجترأ عَلَيْهِ, (S, K,) or ↓ تجرّأ, (Msb,) He became emboldened or encouraged, or he emboldened or encouraged himself, against him. (S, Msb, * K, TA.) b2: اجترأ عَلَى القَوْلِ He ventured upon the saying hastily and unhesitatingly. (Msb.) 10 إِسْتَجْرَاَ see 1.

جُرْأَةٌ Boldness, daringness, bravery, or courage; as also جُرَةٌ: (S: see 1:) the quality of venturing upon a saying [&c.] hastily and unhesitatingly. (Msb.) جَرِىْءٌ Bold, daring, brave, or courageous: (S, Msb, * K, TA:) pl. أَجْرَآءٌ, accord. to a MS. copy of the K; [and so in the CK;] but in the M, أَجْرِئَآءُ, with two hemzehs, on the authority of Lh; and so in some copies of the K; and sometimes جُرَأءُ, like حُلَمَآءُ, occurring in a trad., as some relate it; but the reading commonly known is حُرَأء, with the unpointed ح. (TA.) b2: جَرِىْءُ المُقْدَمِ Bold, daring, brave, or courageous, in venturing [against an adversary, or upon an undertaking]. (S.) b3: الجَرِىْءُ The lion; as also ↓ المُجْتَرِىءُ. (O, K.) جَرِيْئَةٌ A chamber (K, TA) constructed of stones, with a stone placed over its entrance, (TA,) for the purpose of entrapping wild beasts: (K, TA:) the piece of flesh-meat for the wild beast is put in the hinder part of the chamber; and when he enters to take the piece of meat, the stone falls upon the entrance, and closes it: (TA:) pl. جَرَائِىُ (accord. to some copies of the K,) or جَرَائِىءُ, (accord. to others,) mentioned by AZ as one of the forms of pl. repudiated by the Arabic grammarians except in some anomalous instances. (TA.) الجِرِّيْئَةُ The قَانِصَة [here app. meaning the stomach, or triple stomach, or the crop, or craw, of a bird], and the حُلْقُوم [here app. meaning the gullet of a bird]; like الجِرِّيَّةُ; (K;) i. e. the حَوْصَلَة [meaning the stomach, or the crop, of a bird]: it is said in the T, on the authority of AZ, that القِرِّيَّةُ and الجِرِّيَّةُ and النَّوْطَةُ signify the حَوْصَلَة of a bird. (TA.) المُجْتَرِىءُ: see جَرِىْءٌ.
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