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1 جَرَشَهُ, (S, A, K,) aor. جَرُشَ (MS, K) and جَرِشَ, (K,) inf. n. جَرْشٌ, (A, TA,) He bruised, brayed, or pounded, it, (S, A, K,) and he ground it, namely, salt, and grain, (A,) coarsely, not finely. (S, A, K.) b2: He stripped off, scraped off, rubbed off, abraded, or otherwise removed, its superficial part; syn. قَشَرَهُ. (K.) b3: He scratched, scraped, rubbed, grated, chafed, or fretted, it; syn. حَكَّهُ; (K, TA;) like as the viper does its fangs; when its folds rub, or grate, together, causing a sound to be head. (TA.) b4: He scratched it (حَكَّهُ, namely, his head,) with a comb, (S, A, K,) so as to raise its scurf; (S, K;) as also ↓ جَرَّشَهُ. (TA.) b5: He rubbed and pressed it (namely, the skin,) with the hand, in order that it might become smooth (K, TA) and soft. (TA.) 2 جَرَّشَ see 1, last signification but one.

جَرْشٌ The sound of a viper's coming forth form the skin [or slough] when the former rubs, or grates, one part against another. (K.) b2: and The sound of a viper's fangs, when they rub, or grate [together]. (TA.) b3: And The sound arising from eating a rough thing: or this is with س. (TA.) جَرِيشٌ A thing, (S, K,) such as salt, (A,) bruised, brayed, or pounded, (S, A, K,) and ground, (A,) coarsely, not finely: (S, A, K:) or, applied to salt, it signifies مَالَمْ يُطَيَّبْ [app. meaning such as has not been purified], (S, K, TA,) that crumbles; as though one part thereof were rubbed against another. (TA.) b2: Also Coarse flour, such as is fit for [making the kind of food called] خَبِيص مُرَمَّل. (TA.) جُرَاشَةُ شَىْءٍ What falls, of, or from, a thing coarsely bruised or brayed or pounded, when what is bruised &c. thereof is taken. (S.) b2: جُرَاشَةٌ also signifies What falls from the head when it is combed: (A, TA:) and what falls and becomes scattered from wood: (A:) or cuttings, chips, parings, and the like. (TA.) جَوَارِشٌ [from the Persian گُوَارِشْ, A digestive stomachic;] a thing that causes food to digest; as also هَاضُومٌ. (S in art. هضم.) مَجْرُوشٌ A thing having its superficial part stripped off, scraped off, rubbed off, abraded, or otherwise removed. (TA.) b2: Skin rubbed and pressed with the hand in order that it may become smooth and soft. (TA.)
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